Flower Bouquets


A mere verbal complement is not enough. If you want to wish someone in style, hand over a bunch of striking silk flower bouquets and create a lasting impression in their minds. With our undying and eternally blossoming Flower Bouquets Collection, you can create timeless floral decorations as well as can showcase your love and emotions in an everlasting manner.

Available in a variety of colors, our flower bouquets are artistically arranged for maximum visual impact. These faux flowers are soft to touch and look great in every room and at every place. Add them strategically in centerpieces, dining tables, office reception counters, and study tables to win accolades from viewers.

Express your feelings with a bunch of green Long Stem Rose Flowers. These super-soft, realistic-looking long stems rose buds are bright, colorful, and inexpensive rose bouquets. Profess your love to your beloved with our Real Touch Tulips Flowers. The adorable silky flowers can also be gifted to friends, relatives, and co-workers. Let the Agapanthus Flowers perpetually bloom in your space and add the vital spark to the whole setting.

Perfect to be used as bridal bouquets, flower girl bouquets, and bouquets for bridesmaids, for backdrop décor, centerpiece décor, and even chairs or arch décor, our collection of Flower Bouquets has amazing styles and colors to offer. Breathe eternal freshness into your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathrooms by placing these beautiful blooms of peony bouquets, tulips bouquets, orchid bouquets, and hydrangea bouquets. With limited stock available, there is no time to think. Check now and be the lucky one to have the artificial bouquet of your choice. Quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.


1. What flowers go together in a bouquet ?

Ans: Like clothes and accessories, there are a few rules to follow when mixing flowers for an arrangement to get perfectly designed artificial floral arrangements for home. Here are some easy floral design tips to help you get the right common bouquet flowers together.

  • Flowers often look great without adding anything. But when you add small clusters of artificial baby's breath to an artificial rose arrangement, the result is a delightful contrast in color and texture that makes the rose blossoms more prominent.
  • A mixed bouquet or spray of a carnation bush looks gorgeous on its own, but you will get a whole new look when you complement it with a long stem rose bush. To get an even more fantastic decor, use a variety of colors and add some artificial lily flowers and green fillers for flower arrangements to the bunch.
  • Other popular combinations are artificial roses and calla lily artificial flowers along with some greenery flower arrangement fillers. Add at least two types of green bouquet filler for a denser look.
  • If you want designer floral arrangements, try mixing roses, orchids, and mums. Use flowers of similar color and distribute them properly in the silk flower bouquet so you don't create clusters of the same flower.

2. How to make artificial flower arrangements for the home ?

Ans: Making flower arrangements is one way you can get creative with your home floral decor. Combine a single stem flower and long stem branches to create a natural-looking display. However, if you want to save trouble in choosing the right blooms, you can opt for our peony and hydrangea silk flower bouquets. Here are a few flower arrangement ideas you can follow to create simple and beautiful DIY decorative floral arrangements for your home space:

  • Gather the artificial flower bush of your choice. 
  • You can arrange your flowers in a floral foam brick or for vessels with awkward shapes, use floral tape. 
  • Trim the stems at an angle with wire cutters and arrange them in your container at varying heights for a natural look.
  • Fill with faux or live green fillers for added structure and body. 
  • Don’t be afraid to bend and shape your faux florals and foliages and have some pieces hanging down. This gives your floral arrangements home decor a more authentic look. 
  • To get even, symmetrical home decor flower arrangements, rotate the vase as you build your floral creation.
  • If you are going to use artificial flower arrangements in vase, add marbles and water to make the flowers look more realistic.

3. How to care for a bouquet of flowers ?

Ans: Artificial flowers don't need much upkeep compared to real flowers. Also, they are reusable, durable, non-toxic, and the economical choice for anyone who wants to create beautiful, maintenance-free decorative flower arrangements. However, it is highly recommended to clean them regularly to keep them looking vibrant and maintain their lasting beauty. Here’s how you do it.

  • Dust your faux florals at least once a week to prevent dirt from accumulating. Brush the surfaces from the top with a microfiber cloth or alternatively use a fabric duster.
  • Salt is an abrasive that won’t damage your silk flowers. Put your ornamental bushes in a bag with salt. Close the bag tightly and shake gently for up to five minutes to enliven them.
  • Immersing plastic and vinyl flowers in water with a mild laundry detergent is another way to clean flower bouquets, but this method is not applicable for silk flowers as the dye can bleed causing the flowers to lose vibrancy. 

4. What greenery is used in flower arrangements ?

Ans: Nothing brings silk floral arrangements to life like various types of greenery that surround it. While these green branches are often overlooked in silk flower centerpieces, they play an essential part in flower arranging. They add depth and texture to any DIY floral arrangements, fill in any gaps and add that professional touch to artificial floral centerpieces

While it’s your choice which types of greenery fillers you select to accessorize your bouquet or arrangement, here’s a shortlist of our favorite types and where we think they look best.

  • Eucalyptus. A eucalyptus spray is a great partner for white and pastel-themed floral designs. With its thin, bendable branches, it can be easily styled in many shapes.
  • Monstera Palm Leaves. This tropical leaf is very distinct foliage that is popular in home decor and centerpieces. The wide glossy leaves offer a bold pop of green color and create a dramatic yet alluring effect to any arrangement.
  • Ivy. An artificial ivy branch is perfect for enhancing flower decor and can be added to anything from floral headdresses to table centerpieces. Our artificial ivy caladium leaf portrays a unique leaf shape making it a notable element for flowers.
  • Dusty Miller. A popular green filler flower, dusty miller leaves represent joy and delicateness and are often used in soft garden bouquets. Its velvety, frosted sage green leaves will be the perfect accessory to romantic, heavy blooms like roses, buttercups, and peonies.
  • Lemon Leaf. With their round, thick leaves that resemble the shape of lemons, a lemon leaf greenery can stand alone or be a subtle companion to beautiful flower arrangements. Their glossy leaves work well with all types of flowers and are best suited for vases as centerpieces.
  • Leather Fern. The leatherleaf fern is great for adding body to any floral decor due to the way its stem branches off creating a triangular shape. They can stand alone in a vase as a centerpiece or add a tropical touch to floral designs.

5. Where can I buy single stem flowers ?

Ans: Create your own artificial flower bouquet or silk flower arrangements from eHomemart’s collection of beautiful single stem flowers. Their soft, vibrant fully blown petals and lifelike green leaves add an extra element of realism making them the perfect addition to any tabletop flower arrangements. No inconvenience, wilting or withering. Just gorgeous blooms from morning until evening, day after day.

The perfect representation of their fresh counterpart, combine our tulips, calla lily flowers, artificial hydrangeas, and other floral stems with our elegant vases and other stunning foliage from our range. These stems are effortlessly fabulous and will look amazing when paired with other silk flowers or just in a bunch of their own. Place these faux flower stems in your bedroom, office space, and porch to keep your home fresh with a spring look all year round.

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