Sheer Curtains


Looking to elegantly dress up your home windows without going overboard? Drape sheer curtains over your windows to add a delicate touch of sophistication and grace. Made from premium quality sheer fabrics, these bedroom curtains and living room curtains will invoke an ethereal flair to your interior decor while also allowing the sunlight to beautifully light up the room.

Available in a variety of colors, styles, and fabric materials, our see-through sheer curtains can be effortlessly harmonized with any color scheme and theme. Are you all about subtle and muted colors to imbue a graceful and refined look to your space? Install our ivory sheer organza curtains as your sheer window treatments to add an ethereal flair to your interior design.

However, if you’re looking to also incorporate an alluringly feminine touch to your space, then we suggest that you drape our gorgeous floral lace curtains onto your windows for understated elegance and panache.

In case, you’re looking to obscure the visibility from the outside without blocking out the warm, soothing sunshine, there is nothing better than our semi-sheer faux linen curtains to ingeniously decorate your windows. Want to make a grand statement? Accentuate your interior design tenfold with our sheer ceiling drapes to invoke a regal allure.

We at eHomemart, understand that curtains and drapes are an integral part of home decor. To this end, we offer a wide range of curtains at unbeatable prices to help you decorate your nest like a pro! But don’t take our word for it, browse through our stunning collection of sheer curtains and be the judge yourself!

Frequently asked questions:

1. How to hang sheer curtains in different ways ?

Ans: Dress up your windows and create a unique and refreshing atmosphere with the wide range of high quality sheer curtain panels from eHomemart. Here are some cool ways to hang your transparent curtains to give your windows a unique look.

  • One of the most used ways to hang window sheers is by pairing them with blackout drapes or any non see through curtains because aside from making your windows look eye-catching, they also offer additional privacy and help with insulation.
  • An easy yet ultramodern way to hang living room sheer curtains is to drape them over the curtain rod, thus creating a scarf window curtain. For a more attractive look, combine two or more colorful sheer curtains and experiment with different hanging angles.
  • Hang different types of sheer drapes for living room side by side to create a sleek, dreamy ambiance brimming with depth and texture. An example is hanging tan gauze curtains alongside white sheer drapes to create a beautiful setting.
  • Transform your bedroom into a posh sanctuary by hanging sheer bedroom curtains like a canopy or displaying them as a backdrop at the back of your bed.

    2. What are the best sheer curtains ?

    Ans: Curtains are a perfect way to add an attractive new focus to your windows and ceilings. Complete the look of your interior with eHomemart’s extensive collection of elegant sheer curtains that can be used even outdoors.

    • You are sure to find the perfect matching set of semi sheer grommet curtains with stainless steel grommets and rod pocket sheer curtains to add to your space from our range of sheer colorful curtains. The rustic charm of these gauzy curtains will impart a soft, fresh look to any part of your home.
    • Our flowy thirty feet long sheer curtains will add excitement to any home space while maintaining privacy. Coordinate these sheer voile single curtain panels with additional panels and window valances for a luxurious sheer layered effect.
    • We think a little sparkle and drama is needed in at least one tiny spot in every home. Elevate the aesthetic of your dwelling with the soft sheen of our gold sequin curtains that beautifully filter the sunlight while maintaining unparalleled privacy and extravagance.
    • If you love dining al fresco or you like to relax on the patio but want to avoid the intense heat of the sun, then our sun shade sails are what you need. These outdoor sheer curtains are UV treated to block up to 95% of harmful UV rays. This is an effective and elegant solution for you and your family to feel comfortable while you are outdoors.

      3. Are shade sails waterproof ?

      Ans: Standard outdoor sail shades are affordable and make beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, and other outdoor entertainment areas. And while a sun shade sail canopy does a wonderful job of keeping sunlight at bay, it is made from a water-permeable fabric that makes this shade patio cover non-waterproof. However, layering and tilting the sail shade canopy can successfully improve water divergence because the rain will not collect in a certain spot and will simply cascade down the fabric of your patio sun shade sails.

        4. How to make sheer curtains more private ?

        Ans: Living room sheers have very volatile and translucent characteristics and yet manage to provide decent privacy during the day, but less at night. But the good news is that there are a number of ways you can add more privacy to your sheer voile curtain panels. However, you should be sure of the type of privacy you want before incorporating any of the following tips into your window treatment ideas.

        • The most popular and inexpensive strategy is to place modern sheer curtains over semi sheer curtain panels for more subtly diffused light, a little more privacy, and a fuller, less sparse appearance. But this technique is only effective for providing more privacy during the day, so only do this update if you live in a forest or mountainous area, or if you don't have backyard neighbors.
        • Another option is to complement your dining room or bedroom sheers with a drape or other window treatment with a denser fabric as this combination will give the same soft, exceptional beauty but with much more privacy at night.
        • The next option we have for you is to install a tint on your windows similar to that used on vehicle windows. Once your windows are tinted, you will have a more secure and private interior and will still be impressed with the sheer beauty of your extra long sheer curtains
        • The last option is to combine sheer bedroom curtains and your preferred blinds to add a stronger style statement to your home space and increase privacy. Use window sheers and shades that are of a similar color, or with complementary hues to create visual interest and make the area feel calmer and more inviting.

        5. Where to buy curtains for living room ?

        Ans: If you want to dress the windows in your living area or any other part of your home with elegant texture while maintaining a breezy appeal and an illusion of a wider space, then our Sheer Curtains collection is exactly what you are looking for. What’s even more amazing is that we have a particular line of smart and stylish voile curtains that features a fire retardant sheer curtain material that will not only amplify the beauty of your interiors but is also designed to protect your household.

        Other chic and functional sheer privacy curtains we have in this collection include linen look curtains, sheer valances, sequin curtains, and backyard shade sails that are perfect for your outdoor area. To add a classic touch to traditional styling, use these panels for various window sheer ideas on their own or pair them up with other treatments for increased privacy with a touch of modernity. 

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