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Whether you’re planning a large gathering or a small dinner party for your nearest and dearest, our creative tabletop decor ideas for home and events are always a blockbuster. The table is a vital element of any space, whether it is placed in the dining room, living room, bedroom, or any outdoor space; it never goes invisible. Be it traditional or fusion, décor items will enhance the appeal of the entire space to spellbind your guests with your creativity and aesthetic sense.

Accessories play an essential role in completing and complementing the design and reflecting one’s personality and showcasing the desired textures, shapes, and colors to complete the décor. Create a trendy and themed tabletop décor from our wide range of premium quality supplies and transform an average space into an exceptional one.

Our gorgeously fashioned dining room centerpieces such as our assorted vintage mini bud flower vases will add a whimsical flair to your tablescapes and ambiance in a quirky manner. Whether minimalistic or flamboyant, this accent table decor will cast a mesmerizing effect on the guests.

Elevate your dining experience with stunning dining table decor and transform an ordinary celebration into a regal feast, using our enticing napkin rings which will make your choice of picking the right one for your event an easy task. No festivity is complete without desserts and sweets, flaunt your scrumptious and artistically decorated cakes, cupcakes, or pastries in the most sophisticated manner by displaying them on a charming dining room table centerpiece such as our trays and risers.

Dress up your bare tables in the most classic way with our stunning selection of decorative serving trays, food display risers, placemats, charger plates, napkin rings, dinner table centerpieces, monograms, and letters. Whether you wish to decorate baby showers, birthday parties, banquets, festive occasions, or any indoor or outdoor celebration, these table decorations will enhance the elegance of your formal and informal events.

Our widespread collection has an array of products to style your tabletop décor so that your guests will be wonderstruck. Select our inexpensive yet classy party table decorations to create a diverse and elegant table setting for your cocktail parties, family gatherings, baby showers, anniversaries, or themed events, personalize your centerpiece decor and style them with refined magnificence.

Choose from our affordable collection of table centerpiece decor and impart a touch of class to your tables without spending a fortune. Visit our online store and don’t be reluctant to order items of your choice.


1. How to decorate a tray for a coffee table ?

Ans: A tray works wonders for rounding up and establishing certain boundaries for the various center table decor you'll be placing on your coffee table or console table. Trays are typically inexpensive, and if you have a variety of trays you will have more options when styling your coffee table.

Anyone who has tried to spruce up a coffee table knows how difficult it is because both functionality and aesthetics are equally vital. Here are some crucial factors to think about while planning your coffee tabletop decor.

  • If you want to soften your vignette a little, use an oval or round vanity tray, or square or rectangular decorative serving trays if you already have edgy pieces on your tables. The tray organizer can be placed in the center as a stand-alone piece or on its side as part of the design, depending on the size and shape of your table.
  • Your coffee table should be adorned but not overburdened with table centerpieces for home. Select at least three simple table decorations like pillar candles, or three sets of a modern table centerpiece, such as a vase or a tiny planter to adorn the table.
  • Experiment with different colors, heights, and textures.
  • Place your favorite books after you've chosen items to put on your ornamental tray to add sophistication and an artistic touch to your composition.
  • Succulents, candle holders, picture frames, miniature boxes, potpourri vase fillers, sculptural pieces, and other beautiful decorative components and small table centerpieces can be used to fill your coffee table tray design. It's critical that these accents complement each other as a whole and connect through color, style, shape, or theme for a stunning table arrangement.

2. How to set a table with a runner and placemats ?

Ans: Table placemats and runners can be used as accent table decor ideas to dress up your dining room and kitchen tables. They're available in a range of materials, sizes, and colors, making them perfect for a number of DIY table decoration projects. Table runners act as a focal point for dining room accessories and appear best when layered beneath other modern dining table centerpieces such as dining room placemats, charger plates, napkin rings, and tabletop decors. 

  • Long table runners can be layered atop a tablecloth or placed directly on top of the dining table. A nice arrangement is to place dining table placemats on top of the runners.
  • Depending on the table finish, the alignment of vinyl plastic placemats to the table edge varies. The placemats are put flush with the bevel on a table with a beveled edge. While on a straight-edged table, the placemats are laid out about an inch from the edge.
  • Use white table decor covers or table linens and gorgeous metallic gold placemats in a shimmering gold tone to make your formal table arrangement look classy. Modern placemats for round tables with colors depending on the season's theme can be used for holiday parties.
  • Bold and brightly colored designs can help to create lively and beautiful table settings during birthday parties. Woven table runners and boho circular wipeable placemats, on the other hand, are ideal for creating a vintage farmhouse table top aesthetic.

3. How to decorate a dining room table ?

Ans: While enjoying a delicious meal, the dining room is one of the ideal places to improve your bond with your loved ones. As a result, the dining space should be properly decorated with everyday table decorations centerpieces in order to make it more comfortable and appealing.

To come up with the best table setting ideas for everyday use, consider various selections of table centerpieces, beginning with placemats, which can provide color and texture to your tables. On top of the dinner dish, napkins with beautiful napkin rings are laid. Charger plates sit directly above the table placemats, adding beauty to the tablescape while keeping food spills off the tablecloths.

Everyday simple dining table centerpiece ideas also create a clutter-free space that's full of style. To add trendy aspects to your overall table aesthetics, adorn your tables with trendy dining table accessories ranging from gorgeous cake stands, candle holders, vases, and crystal chandeliers.

4. How to use charger plates ?

Ans: Dinner plate chargers can be used for both informal and formal dining and go right under a bowl of soup or a salad plate on a dining table. These trendy dinner chargers are mostly used for decoration, but they may certainly add style to your dinner table. 

Charter plates are useful for collecting food spills that might otherwise fall onto the table or tablecloth, in addition to complementing and adding a lovely layer to your table setup. Some people even use decorative charger plates to adorn walls for a more modern effect.

Instead of trays, a plate under plate can be used to serve snacks and desserts at a party. They're obviously larger than a standard dinner plate, providing additional space as well as a nicer appearance. Because food is never served directly on them, you may also decorate them as you like and use objects that you wouldn't normally put on a plate.

5. Where can I buy marquee letters ?

Ans: If all you want to do is create a statement rather than deliver a specific message, a single letter may be enough, making a monogram wall decor a terrific way to customize a room. With eHomemart's amazing variety of marquee lights, you can add some zing to your interior design and party decorations.

Our LED marquee sign will look great in a variety of home settings and décor. Large light up marquee letters, for example, can be used as tabletop decor in the nursery. All you need is an initial for a stylish way to personalize your newborn's room. It's no different in the kitchen. As the major highlight of the room, you can build a sequence of marquee letter lights that form words for this area.

You can use a marquee sign for holidays or certain events, but you can also use it as a table center piece all year. To match your home office design, place them on top of your drawer organizer. Because these metal letters with lights use batteries and are cordless, you can effortlessly add a gleaming shine to your interior and move them around your home without worrying about displaying them near power outlets.

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