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There is no denying the fact that the right decorations can take the simplest of décor to several notches higher. With decorative trays, you can not only organize and sort your knick-knacks but can also bring visual focus to the items displayed. Risers add height and dimension to your décor items by raising them to an eye-level where their elegance and allure are showcased stylishly.

Create a style statement with our Trays & Risers and make your tablescape an emblem of aesthetic sophistication. Affordable and durable, our supplies will instantly change your tabletop décor game. Risers highlight the decorations and create magic around our homes in vignettes, besides chairs, and on tabletops. They help lamps to be taller and flowers to reach higher and are the poshest tabletop accessory these days.

Whether you need it to rest movie-night snacks or display your favorite decor, our Silver Geometric Riser with Glass Top still adds to your style and is the perfect embellishment for luxe arrangements. This will be a perfect addition to any modern home table centerpiece décor as well as an eye-catching addition to any event’s dessert station or cake table.

Our 3-tier Hanging Gold Bird Cage Metal Riser, 3-Tier Metal Riser, Gold Wheel Framed Metal Riser and Chandelier Metal Riser infuse wondrous whimsy into your cake table, dessert bar, centerpiece display, and flower arrangements; and are splendid centerpiece risers for desserts. These multi-tier risers make a beautiful addition to birthdays, showers, catered events, and festive events.

Our trays & riser in diverse hues and shapes add charm and opulence to any occasion or décor. Serve your signature dishes, cocktails, desserts, and drinks with a dramatic flair in these generously sized chandelier table riser trays, or use these as a backdrop to highlight our square, round, or rectangle plates, platters, bowls, and cups.

Make an impression to last forever and enjoy your festivities with our high-end accessories in style and elegance. We strive to bring the best tray & risers, table decor, and accessories to you at affordable prices. Explore the amazing collection just now.


1. How to decorate a serving tray ?

Ans: An accent piece or vignette always has more presence and looks more assembled and cohesive when grouped on a base of some kind. Known for their versatility and functionality, as well as being used to carry food and drinks, food tray stands can be furnished in an even wider range of ways and used as DIY home decor.

Rather than putting a few random items on a table, create a more dynamic display by putting them in a modern serving tray. This way you can keep things close at hand and make it easier to move everything when it's time to clean up. You can also style metal serving trays and ornate serving platters by using decorative papers along with pretty embellishments like cute vases, decorative books, and luscious greeneries.

Rather than hiding the beauty of some bar items like martini shakers, decanters, and a few bottles in a cupboard or cabinet, display them in a galvanized steel tray or a geometric serving tray to keep them organized and looking good. Having a bathroom vanity tray is also a great way to store all your cleansers, moisturizers, soaps, and other essentials and minimize clutter and chaos.

2. What to put in a glass cloche ?

Ans: If you are feeling a little inadequate in the glass dome cloche department as you are empty-handed and have no idea what to put under this whimsical decorative centerpiece other than to use a glass cake dome as visible storage for homemade desserts and food items. 

It turns out that there are so many things you can put inside a glass cloche with base to highlight something memorable or add glamour to a vignette. Magnify the beauty of an everyday object by turning it into a work of art by taking a look at these easy glass cloche with wood base decorating ideas we've compiled for you.

  • To achieve a terrarium vibe for your home space, choose low-maintenance succulents or use a glass plant cloche to create a beautiful and elegant display of delicate blooms.
  • Add extra height to pinecones and other seasonal decors along with just a little more light for festive glass domes for crafts display.
  • Encase your favorite books or musical sheets under a glass dome with wooden base, especially if they’re vintage, worn, and full of charm.
  • A stack of dishes. Anything from plain whiteware to elaborate porcelain will look gorgeous when exhibited under a tall glass cloche.
  • Showcase sentimental things and mementos like your baby’s first pair of shoes or an old film camera inside a glass dome with base
  • Create a spring display by featuring a cute bird’s nest under a glass dome display.

3. How to make table risers ?

Ans: Have you ever tried to design something in your home and couldn't achieve the perfect look? And after some musing, you realize that the missing element in your design is a good elevation.

So how can things be shown at different levels and make it more pleasing to the eye? Create height and provide better visibility for any home arrangement or culinary creation by using display risers on tabletops, shelves, or cabinets. 

Whether you’re showing off home decor accents or your latest baked goods, eHomemart has got you covered with top quality and trendy table risers. With these furniture risers and table top display stands, it’s now easier to create an unforgettable three-dimensional display for your home interior decor

Additionally, the products in our line are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any aesthetic or home setting. No more worrying about how you can DIY a decorative table riser because all you need to do is add a stylish accessory to your cart today.

4. Where to buy decorative trays ?

Ans: Find out how wonderful your home interior is when you create depth and dimension in each room by using decorative trays. A spread of wood or crystal glass surface is beautiful, but you can help your table furnishings stand out even more when you include carefully designed centerpieces and personal touches that are all your own. Serving trays provide the foundation for this vignette so you can stack, collect and arrange accents for an amazing transformation.

Organize your space and group the centerpieces together with other decorations in metal trays placed on your coffee table. You can also have a food tray for bed on your nightstand to make it easier to reach for food and drinks whenever you need them. Plus, having a living room tray can provide functionality and at the same time spruce up your space for special events.

Once decorative serving trays are incorporated into your home space, you may wish to have them in every room in your home. Whether you’re searching for classic styles, glam accents, or the latest trends, you can always rely on to provide you with quality pieces to bring ease and beauty to your home.

5. Where to buy acrylic risers ?

Ans: If you are looking for a way to add something to your home decoration, you are in the right place. The high-quality acrylic display risers from eHomemart are exactly what you need to highlight the beauty of a wide variety of home decor and collectibles.

Stop wasting money on wobbly, cheaply made acrylic shelf risers that can fall apart in no time. If you want quality, our clear acrylic display stands are the best choice for you. These acrylic pedestal stands offer you untold possibilities. Use them to show off priced jewelry, favorite books, a collection of mini figurines, glassware, small plants, and others.

Aside from that, use these clear tabletop risers to serve mouth-watering cupcakes, appetizers, and desserts while letting your guest experience a floating visual as these risers are transparent. This multi-tiered display stand is bound to dazzle and makes a great accent decoration for any room in your abode.

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