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The large vase available at eHomemart adds a separate sense of sparkling beauty to either indoor celebrations or outdoor revelries. These large spacious home decor vases add a great sense of aesthetics to your home décor ideas.

Make a bigger and bolder impact with our hurricane crystal beaded floral vase which towers with scintillating looks. Be it filled with long stem flowers to display subtle nuances of elegance or simply wrapping some LED lighting bulbs to spread that gorgeous glow in the darkness, everything works brilliantly with this large vase.

The tall metallic trumpet flower vase is a stunning beauty in metallic appearance which when filled with white tulips on top makes the party mood top notch. And even on the other normal days at home, the clear heavy duty trumpet glass vase will be at its exuberant best when filled with clear water and some multi-colored flowers with long stems. Adding some colored beads along with the stems tones up the eloquent beauty of this tall glass vase decor.

The heavy duty hour glass vase is one of the best big vase decor options when paired with blushing roses and rose satin ribbons tied around the neck of the vase. Place them on tables with pink satin runners and they become the show stoppers of any event. The clear glass flower vase with gold metal top filled with a bouquet of diverse colors of flowers will make any dinner date even more romantic.

The rose gold pentagon geometric mercury glass candle holder vases during the late evenings shimmering with the beam of the candle burning in and the walls gleaming with golden streaks is an alluring sight that no one can resist enjoying. Adding scented candles to these tall glass vases for centerpieces will only make it an irresistible desire.

Our large vase decor is made using high-quality heavy-duty glass making them strong and sturdy. They won't crack or break under harsh conditions as such their durability factor. They don’t get stained or scratched while having sand in with plants or flowers and are also easy to clean.

Check out our blush tall flower candle holders, rose gold mercury glass vases, trumpet vase centerpieces, and much more available among the range of Large Vases at Visit us now to look, choose, and shop from a plethora of choices of flower vase for sale for home décor and tabletop décor ideas.


1. What to put in a large floor vase ?

Ans: Tall ornamental vases are classic choices in home design since they make magnificent decor elements for just about every room or nook. However, a large flower vase isn’t just for flowers, and you can get pretty creative with different large glass vase decoration ideas to decorate your room. What you put in your vase for living room or other parts of your home relies on where they're placed in the house as well as your own preferences.

  • If you don’t want to decorate a large crystal vase with flowers, our dried pampas grass branches are a classic and perfect alternative.
  • You can fill clear cylinder glass vases with decorative elements such as sand or pine cones and display them in a prominent spot. 
  • Metallic sprays look great in more minimalist yet beautiful vases like our hour glass vases because their shimmer adds a decorative sparkle to this otherwise large clear glass vase.
  • For a dramatic effect, LED-lit branches combined with faux sprays in our trumpet glass vase will create just the right amount of sparkle for your bedroom.
  • When filled with polished rocks, sea glass, or precious stones and surrounded by a scented candle, a couple of flared neck heavy duty glass vases in the bathroom look soothing.
  • Ostrich feathers are a popular addition to our Eiffel tower vases for a soft touch that is both glam and festive.
  • Our heavy-duty trumpet glass vase with silk leaves would look wonderful in almost any room of your home and help soften the overall look of your decor.

2. How to decorate an eiffel tower vase ?

Ans: Eiffel tower vases create dramatic, theatrical designs that are popular as centerpieces for event tables as well as adding casual beauty to residential spaces. Fresh floral arrangements decorated with grass leaves or even stick-like decorations can be displayed in these large glass vase decor. We've put up a list of simple tall glass vase decorating ideas to help you make the most of your long vase and turn it into an Eiffel tower centerpiece.

  • Begin by selecting the appropriate flower type and color for your project. Choose a type of flower with long, robust stems such as long-stemmed roses or calla lilies to emphasize the height of your long vase decor.
  • Other materials and additional items can be added to the arrangement to make it more interesting. Huge plumes of ostrich feathers, which are easier to assemble, may be added to your extra tall vases for an even more spectacular look.
  • To avoid it toppling over, make sure your arrangement is well balanced and the vase's base is securely attached to the table or wherever you wish to display it.

3. Where can I buy tall vases for centerpieces ? 

Ans: Upgrade your centerpieces and tall vases for living room with eHomemart's stunning large vases for sale, which will show off your lovely flower arrangements and colorful fillers. These extra large vases are the ideal addition to home spaces for designs featuring long-stemmed cuts and dry branches, depending on your preference and necessity.

With their tall, cylindrical body, the all-time favorite and classic tall glass cylinder vases are perfect for both fresh and faux arrangements. Our tall trumpet vases, clarinet vases, and reversible tall vases for sale also have bigger openings and some are even flared to support heavier floral arrangements. Uniquely formed tall glass vases with a narrow or slender body, commonly known as Eiffel Tower vases, are also available. 

We also have tall centerpiece vases such as our flower vase with fillable stem that will enhance the designs within them due to their simplicity yet voguish design. You can't go wrong with any of our large table vases to display an artificial bouquet or a bunch of pampas grass or peacock feathers. They're available in a variety of heights and styles, so you'll be able to choose the flower vase decoration that suits your needs.

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