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Win hearts with your uniqueness and be creative, pair planters and floor pedestal stand to make an interesting architectural statement either outdoors or indoors. Décor is all about experiments, don’t be shy and play with your artistic skills to transform a dull and dreary space into a modern and chic one. Our vibrant and stylish range of Planters and Pedestals bring an artistic charm to your exteriors as well as interiors.

Planters and pedestals are minimalistic yet vital elements of beautifying a unique themed, outdoor venue. Pedestals heighten the planters making them look more appealing and ornamental. Our durable and flexible Clear Plexiglass Sheets are a sturdy substitute to glass and can be personalized to use for glass window replacement, picture frame, display cases, signs, marker boards, greenhouse, aquariums, light shelf, handcrafts, tabletops, brochure holder, shelving, home décor, and menu boards.

Acrylic Planters can be styled in numerous ways on coffee tables, dining tables, countertops, dressers, consoles, and shelves. Plants add a fresh pop of color to your ambiance and to add an air of ethereal sparkle, our 3 Tier Vertical Raised Garden Bed Metal Ladder Plant Stand is an ideal home décor element for modern homes and offices. It adds a calm vibe to your tabletops, kitchen counters, office desks, party tables, and events.

Showcase either fresh seasonal plants or foliage for everlasting radiance or exhibit faux succulents, shrubs, flowers, and greenery available in our store in a plethora of styles, types, and colors. Upscale your decoration with our tall French-inspired classy and contemporary Column Pedestal Plant Stand Pot to transform the ordinary party space into a vibrant realm of festive glee.

Line the event aisle with our Floor Standing Acrylic Pedestal Risers to make ideal and timeless event centerpieces, flower stand, cake table décor, and candle display stand. Our wonderful Natural Bark Twine Rustic Flower Planter Box with Natural Jute Bows will impart a woodsy charm and earthy appeal to your craft and decorating projects.

Create unique centerpieces by placing faux eggs as an Easter décor as standalone décor, fill with glitter rattan balls with LED fairy Lights for stunning tabletop décor, or adorn with flower heads and petals for a rustic Woodland theme home decor.

Our planters and pedestals are perfect to create whimsical floral arrangements to rejoice in your special moments. You may source our new and trendy range which is available at Drop by our collection of these environment-friendly wooden planters to pick ones of your choice and add a classy and dazzling display of shine and sparkle to your graduation parties, baby showers, anniversaries, and whatnot. 


1. How to make a pedestal flower display ?

Ans: One of the simplest ways to create a focal point in interiors or add depth and interest to home flower arrangements is with a pedestal plant stand. There are many ways you can use this design feature of pedestal planters to draw attention to a corner, staircase, foyer, living area, or just about any room in your home. 

Display pedestals are frequently used to raise a plant to eye level or give enough elevation for a vignette on a sofa or side table. Also, it can create that extra height that a planter or vase can't accomplish. Select a tall pedestal stand that not only fits with the rest of your home decor but also complements your plant container.

For table groupings, use decorative pedestals to add texture and height to an arrangement. Keep the items in odd numbers like three, five, or seven. You may have a desk lamp on one end of a sofa table along with a small plant and you need something on the other end to create the symmetrical look you want. Add a pedestal urn planter and a flowing fern or other draped plants to create a waterfall effect.

Pedestal columns can also be used to showcase a distinctive and cherished floral display. Keep aspect ratio in mind when choosing this type of display option. For example, you don't want to exhibit a small or sunken type of floral arrangement on a modern pedestal. Consider the abundance and elegance of the floral design, its height and width, and the colors and textures of your blooms. The pedestal flower display should be deserving of the attention it will collect.

2. How to decorate terracotta pots ?

Ans: Terracotta plant pots are versatile for both planting and crafting. Although eHomemart's flowerpots are already painted, the style may not quite fit your sense of decor. Spice up these terracotta flower pots and make them more suitable for your indoor or outdoor decoration by trying these ideas.

  • If you want to achieve an earthy and rustic aura, try experimenting with rope. Wrap jute string or burlap ribbons around plastic terracotta pots
  • Another simple and creative way to add a shabby chic touch to your pots is to use lace to decorate the outside of small terracotta pots.
  • Give a large terracotta pot a dimensional makeover by spraying faux stone spray paint on the outside of the planter and pressing decorative items such as beach shells, sea glass, glass gems, or pieces of broken porcelain.
  • Decorate terracotta flower pots with old newspapers or decorative paper napkins. 
  • Transform decorative terracotta pots into sparkly and fabulous pieces by embellishing them with chunky glitter.

3. Where to buy indoor plant stands ?

Ans: Take your indoor plant obsession to the next level with eHomemart's trendy yet very affordable plant stand indoors. Planters and flower pots are wonderful containers for your potted creations, but tall plant stands are the secret tool to add dimension and drama to your plant displays.

Looking for a low-budget plant stand with a rustic-chic design? Our natural wood slice round end table  is a perfect addition to your farmhouse and vintage-style furnishings. Elevate your indoor plant collection or potted patio display with our clear acrylic flower stand. This versatile corner plant stand boasts clean lines and makes a seamless addition to most modern-style home spaces. 

On the other hand, our tiered vertical raised garden bed provides an elegant space for your potted houseplants to live in. This charming wood and metal rack features three large shelves to accommodate plants of all sizes. 

Our charming and sturdy plant pot stand not only provides a lovely base for your houseplants so you can appreciate them up close but also gives your space a fresh look. Use alone or combine with other pieces from our collection for a seamless look. 

4. Where to buy wooden planter boxes ?

Ans: Looking for the perfect flower pot and planter boxes to showcase your blooms? Enhance the beauty of your flowers and plants by placing them in elegant and eye-catching planters from eHomemart.

Browse from our wide array of house plant boxes and let your spaces have a fresh garden feel. Choose between our rustic wood planter and whitewash wooden crate box for an additional cozy finish to complement your home's interior and style. For uniquely designed garden pots, choose a teardrop planter basket or a natural whitebark planter box, each featuring distinctive yet gorgeous shapes and textures that make them perfect for your tabletop garden.

Our natural wood window planter boxes will match any plant perfectly and our white washed flower planter boxes will really make your foliage stand out. While our smoked brown indoor planter box will look stunning when paired with flowering plants. Before choosing a long planter box, be sure to consider the variety of choices we have available to determine which planter will work best for your greens.

5. Where to buy plant pots ?

Ans: If you want to enhance your indoor greenery, all you need is the right vase or indoor plant pot. To save yourself some time looking at a bunch of wrong plant pot stands, find some of the best options for any type of plant at Whether you want modern plant pots for lavishly designed home spaces or rustic chic decorative plant pots for farmhouse-style interiors, there are many realistic options to choose from in our collection. 

For your plant that isn't quite as tall as you'd like it to be, our 20” PVC Urn Planter will give it the boost it needs. Buy a pair or trio and fill this 8" Rimmed Marble Ceramic With Metal Stand with succulents for a simple and understated centerpiece. You will love the sleek style of our contemporary 12" Polypropylene Planter Pot. Our Rustic Twig Moss Planter Box Flower Basket has a very natural look and the handles make it easier to move them around the house no matter what plant you put in them.

Shop by color, style, and price to find the perfect pot you’re looking for, with various options ranging from mini plant pots for your beloved succulents, to large plant pots for your statement floor plant, you’ll find the ideal house plant pots to accent your greenery at

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