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We all know that tablecloths play a central role in elevating the aesthetics of any home decor and if you are in search of some chic tablecloths that give a neat appearance to your rectangle tables, then look no further than our rectangle tablecloths selection. Available in a plethora of sizes, colors, and designs, our rectangle tablecloths offer exceptional quality despite their incredibly low prices.

Depending on your table’s size and what style of setup you’re planning to create, our collection of rectangle tablecloths caters to both formal and informal needs. Want to create an everlasting impression on your guests while still staying within budget, opt for our spandex rectangle tablecloth that will expand effortlessly to adjust the size of the table you wish to drape and will bring modern sophistication and affordable allure.

Looking for some heavyweight linens for outdoor parties, backyard picnics, or barn wedding? We offer our commercial-grade 250 GSM polyester rectangle tablecloths that will allow you to give a sophisticated look to your plain tables. Glam up your bridal table, gift table, wedding, or banquet tables by opting for Flamingo petals taffeta tablecloth or give an amazingly elegant 3-D effect to your tablescape by choosing our rosette Lamour satin tablecloth or grandiose rosette 3d satin tablecloth and attain a true fantasy feel and texture.

Planning a picnic-theme party, opt for our buffalo plaid tablecloth to create a peaceful and serene party ambiance and exude positive energy and a classy look. Infuse your party decor with that spirit of festivity by adding a bit of bling with our big Payette sequin rectangle tablecloth that will surely satisfy the visual craving of the guests.

If you love those fun and peppy stripe designs, then choose our stripe satin tablecloth and flaunt your festive glory without breaking the banks. Create a super classy table presentation at your wedding or banquets by opting for our stylish velvet flocking design taffeta damask tablecloth or crinkle crushed taffeta tablecloth and grace your function effortlessly.

Spread a magical charm at your upcoming special event with our deluxe tulle tutu satin pleated table skirt or lace rectangle oblong tablecloth and impart an imperial touch to your tablescape. To heighten your swish taste of home decoration, opt for our Chambury Casa cotton tablecloth and add a pure quixotic touch to your table settings.

It goes without saying that a well-fitted tablecloth can instantly elevate table aesthetics to a whole new level. Fortunately, eHomemart offers an exclusive collection of chic rectangle tablecloths in various styles and fabrics to help you achieve that perfect fit on your rectangular tables with ease. Visit us and explore our tablecloth collection today!


1. How to measure a rectangle table for a tablecloth ?

Ans: The foundation of any table is the table linens, which is why it is important to choose the right one for the interior of your home. Having the correct measurement of tablecloths can take your tables to the next level. Table covers can either enhance or ruin the look of your tables because just like any other decor, it reflects the interior and aesthetics of your home.

Measuring your table will help you determine the appropriate rectangle tablecloth sizes you will need. If you have a rectangular table, you need to measure its length and width from end to end. Once you've got the table dimensions, it's time to add your favorite drop or overhang to both the length and width. And there you have it, the size of your rectangular tablecloth to display and use on your favorite tables.

Depending on how far from the usual size your table is, you can use table covers slightly below or above the measurements of your rectangular dining or kitchen table, assuming you are fine with the tablecloth pooling slightly on the floor or ending a few inches above floor level. After knowing the size, you can choose designs from eHomemart’s selection of fabric rectangle tablecloths like timeless buffalo plaid tablecloths for a retro farmhouse look or rosette satin tablecloths for added style to your tables.

2. How to put a rectangle tablecloth on a round table ?

Ans: Table linens are essential accents to have in table arrangement as they can beautify and update the look of the table. But sometimes, the tablecloth sizes you have may not be the same as your table. So when that happens, all you need to do is be resourceful. Here are some helpful tips for placing linen tablecloths rectangular on a round table.

  • When your white rectangle tablecloth or any other tablecloth color is large enough to cover the entire round table, you can use tacks, tapes, and decorative ribbons to tie the underside of the table.
  • However, if it can't cover the whole table, you can use two rectangle table covers to address the uneven edges.
  • Add a stunning centerpiece, whether it's dried flower arrangements in vases or a glass trumpet vase with foliage. This type of decor is sure to attract attention instead of focusing on the uneven proportions of the linen.

3. How long is a regular rectangle table ?

Ans: The dining table has evolved considerably along with the trends and styles of the centuries and the space in which it occupies. A rectangular dining table is one of the most common shapes among other tables and probably the one that anyone visualizes when tables are mentioned. It's great for having more than four people and is usually used to sit in larger groups of people.

Most rectangle dining tables are 36" and 40" wide. The standard measurements of the rectangular table are as follows: to accommodate four people; it should be about 48" long. To accommodate four to six people, it should be a table at least 60" long. For six to eight people, look for a table that is at least 78” long.

If you have a large family or like having friends over every now and then, a rectangular table is ideal for both. Top your kitchen tablecloth rectangle with our rectangle tablecloths from rectangular fitted tablecloths, checkered tablecloths, and polyester rectangle tablecloths that will surely bring character and style to your home space.

4. Where to buy large tablecloths ?

Ans: Whatever meal plan you have with loved ones, you can spice it up and give everyone an attractive table to enjoy delicious food with eHomemart's rectangular and oblong tablecloths. Available at very competitive prices, you can now buy large rectangle tablecloths and linens for each season. Our range of rectangle tablecloth sizes is also available in various high-quality fabrics and vibrant colors to create a festive ambiance.

Whether it's a simple fitted polyester rectangle table cover to match your everyday tableware, an elegant premium velvet tablecloth for rectangle table for your dinner party, or bold plaid polyester rectangle tablecloths or one with a fun stripe print for an upscale outdoor barbecue, the perfect tablecloth will always make an impact and set the stage for the food you are serving.

If you are unsure which look to go for, a white or ivory tablecloth will never go out of style. Also, intense tones like chocolate, yellow, green, or red will help enhance the appetite. From romantic lace styles to damask prints, you're sure to find the best tablecloth sizes for oblong tables and rectangle tables to suit your style here at

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