Mid Size Vases


Mid-size vases are the next-level counterparts for bud size vases. Their size makes them perfect exhibits of décor ideas for home, office, or party tables. But they can also be well displayed at the other spaces of your house or party ambiance, and we have them all sorted out here at ehomemart.com.

The glass cylinder vase with gold honeycomb base looks chic and glam when filled with brown pebbles, decorative sand, acrylic crystals, or stones, and shimmers with beauty when you light a votive, a taper, or a tea light candle within. For an instant boost of style and sophistication, consider our Eiffel tower glass flower vase that is the perfect fit for lilies or stem roses while they stand tall with fragrance and elegance. Use these tall vases to elegantly elevate your home dining experience.

The round metallic floating candle pedestal bowl flower pot will look like an epitome of elegance when filled with flowers and placed on the table. With the trumpet glass vase housing those colorful artificial flowers, it elegantly displays color and texture in the most dazzling manner.

The tapered neck clear glass flower bud vase harmonizes well when displayed alongside the trumpet glass vases with just a stem of a rose dipped in water or with any other flower in there. Perfect to be used as a standalone décor piece, you can also use our trumpet glass floral vases with little pearls, acrylic ice crystals, colored beads, or even pebbles and the vase still looks like a certified stunner.

If you’re bored of traditional glass mid size vases and want something minimalist yet modish, then the best alternative will be the glass tubes with metal racks where the metallic elegance and the classy glass structure couple perfectly.

Ooze nordic beauty and elite elegance with our geometric metal flower vase rack holders with glass tubes and milk bottle shaped gold metal flower stand with clear glass tubes. The set of five conjoined geometric flower metal vases racks with hydroponic test tubes look handsome when displayed on your dining or party tables.

All our Mid Size Vases and bud vases are fashioned from premium quality materials to ensure peerless strength and durable styling options. Our decorative table vases are available in a diverse range of styles, sizes, and designs to match any accent theme and party aesthetics flawlessly. To choose and shop among these best décor ideas with ease, visit ehomemart.com.


1. How to choose flowers for a vase ?

Ans: It is a known fact that nothing improves the mood or a home space as easily as flowers do. But as simple as it may seem, great flower arrangements require the right knowledge on how to choose the perfect vase for every bouquet. Don’t worry, eHomemart has a suitable range of vases to choose from for every type of flower, so you can find one to suit the flower of your choice and decorating style.

  • Bud vases look best when adorned with single flowers or a cluster of tiny flowers. For a more pleasing look, pick a few bright statement flowers with a variety of textures.
  • Round vases with narrow necks are perfect to hold a substantial bouquet of flowers. Opt for flowers that can spill over the opening of the vase like artificial roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, orchids, carnations, and even calla lilies will look stunning in these flower vessels.
  • For corners, table consoles, or high areas, use long, cylinder shaped vessels. If you have ample space, long-stemmed flowers are the most appropriate inside these broad containers. 
  • For table decorations and smaller surfaces, use pedestal bowls or shorter vases and medium stemmed blossoms like tulips, orchids, hydrangeas, roses, and carnations. Shallow pedestal bowl vases also make great containers to float flower petals and pretty floating candles. 

2. How to decorate glass bowls and vases ?

Ans: By choosing the right decorative elements, your glass bowls and clear round vases can instantly become a gorgeous and dazzling centerpiece. Get creative and easily update your home vases with various decorative fillers.

Aside from sweet succulents, you can embellish a bubble glass vase with colored sand and assorted polished stones for a simple, minimalist look. However, if it's a little more pizazz you're after, fill a bubble bowl with gleaming faux pearl beads and create the centerpieces of your dreams. You can also get creative and use other accents like floating candles, flower petals, and potpourri bowl fillers to beautify round glass bowls.

3. How to make a low floral centerpiece ?

Ans: Incorporating high and low floral arrangements on tables and surfaces keeps a room balanced and interesting. However, there is something to be said about the beauty of displaying low centerpieces in the dining room table, home office desk, or bedroom night stand. 

Here are some cool tips on how to organize a low floral centerpiece if you don’t want to go overboard with your home décor design but still show off a stylish accent for your interior.

  • The right vase can instantly change the overall feel of any flower arrangement, but it doesn’t require a fancy vase to achieve an eye catching floral design. Our vintage-looking mercury glass compote vase combined with our natural looking peony and hydrangea silk flowers provides a nice symmetry for homes decorated with other vintage elements.
  • Medium-sized vases are a wonderful way to make your décor have more of an impact and serve as a focal point in the room. Our real touch tulips are already beautiful on their own, but when displayed in our heavy-duty glass cylinder vase they appear to be even more impressive.
  • You don’t have to be a pro to create an attractive flower arrangement. The right flower bouquet and the perfect amount of flower fillers can make a DIY setup look professional quality. You don’t need anything too extravagant for the vase either, as our flared neck clear glass vase will get the job done.
  • Breathe some life into your mantelpiece by offsetting wall accents with our cylinder vase with honeycomb base filled with a gorgeous assorted silk flower bouquet.

4. Where to buy glass vases ?

Ans: A sophisticated and timeless way to hold your flowers is by using a clear glass vase, be it a glass cylinder vase or a round glass vase. With a variety of modern shapes and designs for a stylish and affordable look, eHomemart’s glass candle vases are one of the best approaches to bring gleaming elegance and tie up your overall home décor.

Select something with a more modern aesthetic instead of the standard tall vase decors. If you like decorations with abstract and multifaceted shapes, opt for a beautiful pair of geometric glass vases and place them in the dining room or living room area. 

Achieve a rustic and sculptural look with mercury glass vases in bright, bold colors, or choose a mid size mercury glass vase that has a textured look. These containers not only hold flowers, but also add a nifty look to a table or shelf even when empty. 

However, if you are looking for beautiful, streamlined glass vases that are a classic favorite, go for a fine glass trumpet vase. You'll find more modern trumpet vase centerpieces, as well as more old-fashioned pilsner vases with curvy flared edges suitable for a lovely mix of traditional and contemporary home style.

The container plays a  very important role in the outcome of your floral design. If you want a vase that will highlight the sculptural flow of your arrangement from the flowers down to the stems and make your bouquet appear tall, lighter, and less grounded, in this case, glass vases are always the ideal choice.


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