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Placemats, dinnerware, and tableware give seamless final touches to make your tabletop décor stand out. Add class and charisma to your home dining or party tablescape with the Placemat & Chargers that blend with your party decor flawlessly along with other accessories. These sophisticated dinner plate chargers and dining table placemats add timeless flamboyance to your celebratory and jovial events.

If you want to spruce up your tabletop décor, placemats and chargers are integral components for your fine dining, to hold natural assortments, or as embellishments. Whether rectangular, square, or round; they add charm and exude detail to your table.

Choose from shimmery and posh glass charger plates and metal charger plates to dress up your tables. These are ideal for adding a chic factor to your home, birthday, and special event tablescape, or for adding a touch of luxe luxury to your daily dining, and your guests will never resist admiring these bling beauties.

Our multipurpose and charming round mirror glass charger plates with rhinestone rim or round silver mirror glass charger plates with diamond beaded rim are also second as charismatic centerpiece risers and cake stands or for candle displays, flower arrangements, and even makeup displays. Our masterly crafted round plastic charger plates with peacock pattern design are apt to be used in multiple course meals to serve soups, salads, and main entrees on your holiday dinners, birthdays, family get-togethers, or even for corporate events.

Our metallic scalloped edge acrylic plastic charger plates boast a stylish and metallic appearance great for upscaling food presentations at catered events, culinary functions, outdoor receptions, banquets, and even festive holiday dining. These decorative charger plates will efficiently aid in avoiding spills and messes by catching any excess food and will protect your luxurious tablecloths and covers.

Our economical and fashionable dining table mats curate a stylish space for each place setting whether you try them in woven placemats, vinyl placemats, faux leather placemats, or treated cotton. Our heat-resistant and non-slip rectangle vinyl placemats in gold, silver, and rose gold; add charm to the simplest of the tablescape and are a great way to style your tabletop for dinner parties, events, or other festive events on a budget.

Our round faux leather glitter placemat, floral vinyl placemats, and round woven vinyl placemats add dimension and drama to your celebratory occasions with these modern and chic mats that work wonders as centerpieces, plate chargers, or other artistic applications. Rejuvenate your dull and dreary tabletop from drab to fab and make it an epitome of elegance by using our tray risers and napkin rings from our affordable range of tabletop décor and organize an epic event.

Whether you're hosting a formal get-together, catering an event, or planning a reunion, dinner chargers are an important part of bringing any table together. Uplift the ambiance and the overall dining experience by elevating your tabletop presentation with our unique and extensive collection of placemats & chargers. Drop by our online store to pick your favorites from our classy yet trendy range, and place your order right away.


1. How to use placemats ?

Ans: In the dining area, elegant placemats are a practical item to have. A table setting placemat not only protects but also makes your table arrangement look more pleasant and appealing. 

Lay them on the table in front of each chair. For many casual mealtimes, place table settings on the placemat. These can be done every day, however, the styles can be varied according to your preference.

Dining placemats vary greatly in terms of design, texture, and composition. You can try matching your dinner placemats to your table and room decor to find the appropriate ones for your space. This will make the entire room feel more welcoming while also enticing.

A placemat set can also be used as a table accent, especially when unexpected guests arrive. You won't need to think of additional ways to dress up your tables because choosing attractive placemat patterns will do the task in no time. Have fun mixing and pairing to create your own table arrangement. 

2. How to decorate a charger plate ?

Ans: Service plates, which come in a variety of colors and patterns, serve as the foundation for dinner plates, thereby minimizing spillage on tablecloths while also adding elegance to dining sets. However, there are no restrictions when it comes to your tablescapes because these lovely ornamental pieces can be used for other purposes outside their intended use. Here are some helpful ways to get the most out of your colorful plate under plate.

  • Use charger plates as a tray for soup bowls, canapés, and hors d'oeuvres instead of using serving platters.
  • You can make a magnificent centerpiece by combining a modest flower arrangement and a group of pillar candles on a charger plate, depending on your mood.
  • Have a message, a slogan, or even a drawing painted on the plates and display them on your accent wall or on a coffee table.

3. Where to buy table mats ?

Ans: If you've ever felt that tablecloths are a bit restrictive and have grown too traditional, try eHomemart's modern and designer placemats to liven up your dining tablescape in a more frivolous way. Table runners with placemats, contrary to common thought, are also a requirement and are suitable for everyday usage. Aside from their aesthetic value, table mat sets are also adaptable, as they can be transferred to any surface, such as a kitchen island or a tabletop.

Polyester blends, plastic or PVC, and natural plant products like wicker are the most frequent materials used to make kitchen placemats. The best placemat material, on the other hand, is determined by your own demands and tastes. It's also a good idea to have two sets of heat resistant placemats: one set of washable placemats for regular use that can sustain several meals and the second set of fancy placemats for special occasions or holiday dinner parties.

If you choose usefulness over appearance, our faux leather non slip placemats will not only provide a touch of simple elegance to your household but will also be easy to clean. Choose from our selection of thick vinyl placemats such as our snowflake placemats, round woven placemats, floral placemats, and many others if appearance is more essential. These easy-to-care and stain-resistant wipeable placemats, however, are not ideal for spill protection due to the cutouts in their design.

4. Where can I buy charger plates ?

Ans: If you are looking for an interesting way to dress up your table setting, use a beautiful foundation that will complement your dining room table décor by checking out eHomemart's collection of exquisite dinner chargers available in various styles and designs. If you want to decorate with graceful farmhouse designs, our buffalo plaid charger plates are a great choice for your holiday table settings to make your dining more beautiful and appealing. 

For a boho-chic look for your tablescapes, go with our wooden textured rustic charger plates. This one-of-a-kind appearance exudes an intriguing and nostalgic vibe that your family and friends will appreciate. It will also give your table settings a warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to its wooden look and peerless luster. 

Give your tables a fresh minimalist style and choose our marble charger plates. Having these beauties in your dining room will give your charger plate arrangement a sleek and classy look. 

Choose from acrylic to mirror charger plates and woven chargers that you can place under dinner plates to serve their original purpose, or display them as home decor. You don't need expensive home and dining embellishments; all you need is a little imagination, a set of gorgeous charger plates, and a few ornamental pieces, and you'll have a one-of-a-kind embellishment in no time.

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