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Nature has a soothing and healing effect and in our monotonous lifestyle and routine, it brings tranquility and peace. It has been scientifically proven that the addition of refreshing and rejuvenating Succulents & Greenery creates a healthier and happier life. From contemporary to modern or rustic, accentuate your space with exotic artificial succulents, faux florals, lush artificial greenery, and vibrant blooms which makes your dull and dreary abode more interesting.

Artificial succulent arrangements and greenery decor are immensely popular as they are super easy to take care of and are easily available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Decorating with faux succulent plants is a quick, fun, and chic way to add life to your indoor spaces.

If you want to organize rustic parties, woodland parties, or garden-themed events; our multi-colored fake succulents like our kalanchoe succulent or crassula succulent is an ideal option. Add a pop of green to any space with faux cactus plants, while our bestseller assorted faux potted succulents like our string of pearls is perfect to ornament your bookshelves, cabinets, living room mantle, coffee table, kitchen window, bathroom shelf, and foyer, etc to add colors of nature.

You may bunch together or scatter loose colorful succulent picks and other artificial succulent plants on burlap tablecloths and linen with candles, LEDs, flowers, and other rustic decorations for an alluring appeal.

To achieve a classy and upscale look, a bunch of flowers with succulents & greenery is sufficient to decorate any festive event, backdrop, tabletop, or any other space. We offer a very economical and stunning collection to create floral arrangements to gracefully embellish your jubilant occasions. Visit us and browse our collection now to place your order!


1. How to arrange faux succulents ?

Ans: Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment you'll feel after designing your own stunning faux succulent arrangements. Aside from being a very fulfilling work, you also have the opportunity to improve and beautify your home spaces.

If you're seeking the right mix of color, texture, and diversity to fill your favorite large succulent planter or wall plant holders, eHomemart's range of indoor succulent plants is always ready to go. Simply choose from our assortment of mini succulents and arrange them in your own unique way to create your own succulent centerpieces.

With our artificial succulent in pots, you can easily add a touch of greenery to any surface. For maximum impact, evenly space your succulent decor or put a pair or more of these artificial house plants together.

When it comes to succulent arrangement ideas, there are no hard and fast rules. Don't be scared, and have a good time. Experiment a little and you'll soon be able to make lovely plant decorations in the living room or bedroom. One thing is certain: displaying your exquisite succulent ornaments as coffee table plants or anywhere you see fit will undoubtedly generate positive vibrations and calm.

2. How to decorate a house with succulents ?

Ans: Look no further than our variety of faux succulents if you want to add some flair to your interior decor. These faux house plants are the perfect addition to any room and corner of your home that needs a breath of fresh air. They're low maintenance and look great all year. Here are a few ideas for using mini colorful succulents to decorate your home and inspire seasonal ornamentation. 

  • Showcase our echeveria succulent types in a gorgeous glass cloche jar for a joyful, springtime appearance that is simple, stunning, and easy to set up.
  • If you’re looking for a modern blend that makes for a nice, year-round addition to your home, pair any of our succulent arrangements in pots with rose gold accents like a decorative tray along with a crystal beaded tealight holder.
  • Our little succulent plant arrangements look great in glass mason jars and cups, too. They're quite simple to make, even for beginner crafters, and they don't require much forethought.
  • Develop a unique and eye-catching wallscape by hanging a succulent terrarium at various heights to create the illusion of floating succulent wall decor.
  • Adding a combination of textures to your dining table with a pair or trio of our rustic 6" long - succulent planters can brighten up family meals.
  • If you have a home office or you work from home, any of our 9" mini potted artificial plants will add some fresh detail to your desk.
  • Books, home decor candles, and tiny succulents - are the perfect combination to create a stunning fixture on a geometric floating shelf. 

3. How to design a succulent planter ?

Ans: A greenery decor is one of the easy-to-customize embellishments that can be done in a short amount of time. Create the best design based on your taste and style that will also complement your home interior. Check out this quick and easy DIY succulent planter project that only requires three supplies and takes less than an hour to accomplish.

  • Begin by half-filling your succulent planter bowl with floral foam.
  • Next, cover the green foam with preserved moss (or decorative rocks) until it is completely filled to your satisfaction.
  • Think about how you want your little succulents and succulent with long stem to be displayed.
  • Once you've figured it out, you may begin placing your succulent stems all the way into the foam brick.
  • For a more eye-catching arrangement, use faux trailing succulents and succulent picks with a variety of hues.
  • Then silently pat yourself on the back and admire your lovely creation.

4. Where can I buy artificial succulents ?

Ans: Artificial succulent plants from eHomemart are your new best friend if you're a minimalist nature lover looking for low-maintenance decor. With these stunning, adaptable, and realistic-looking indoor succulents, you can create a festive and fresh vibe in every room of your home all year long.

With some of our best indoor succulents that are the perfect complement to your desk or side tables, get artistic and add layers of depth, texture, and intrigue to arrangements. They can be used as bouquet embellishments, to make a succulent wreath, or even as succulent gifts. Cute succulent pots when placed on other flat surfaces, such as sofa tables and dressing tables, provide a balanced look.

A home office is lacking without an imposing bookshelf, and a more excellent manner to accessorize it is with desk succulents sitting on a pile of books or just by themselves. Customize your plantscape with various popular succulent varieties, sizes, shapes, and hues that our collection of desert beauties has to offer.

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