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To add a pop of green and stylish affair to your outdoor and indoor décor, let our Vase & Planter flaunt your foliage florals and elegant plant pots with a contemporary take on classic greenery. It adds refined and sophisticated elegance with timeless charm to your kitchen tables, office desks, party tables, weddings, and showers.

To inculcate Roman architectural splendidness, our height adjustable column pedestal stand is a glorious Roman inspiration to impart a grand imperial touch and glam up your venue. Be it an event, banquet, or any other joyous occasion, this Roman column pedestal by your stage side, decorated with pearls and ivy garlands, and glitter accented leaves will indulge your guests in a Roman elegance.

Our eye-catching rimmed marble ceramic vase planter pot is apt to adorn desks, bookshelves, tables, window sills, gardens, living rooms, kitchen and bathroom shelves, and any space you wish to liven up with a dash of lush greenery. 

If you want to make a style statement on an upcoming festivity, our shimmering mosaic mirror and pearls centerpiece riser is the ideal bling beauty with all its glitz and glamour that oozes ethereal sparkle and timeless elegance. It is a quintessential decorative accessory to be placed atop your tables and floor; or place your flower balls, candles, bouquets, chandelier candlesticks, glass vases, string lights, photographs, and any other decorative accessory upon the sparkling mirror finish plate to wonderstruck and spellbound your guests at this exotic display of aesthetic sense.

Style the best, hand-crafted flower bouquets, silk roses, and flower stems at an economical price in our huge variety of vase and planters to go beyond your expectations. Allow your décor to be a blockbuster and check out our other trending décor supplies like candles, bushes, centerpieces, ribbons, floral foams, floral tape, and decorations to create a splendid décor. Choose your favorite decorative planters and assort blossoms at affordable prices, don’t hesitate to visit our entire collection now!


1. How to use vases for decoration ?

Ans: Decorative vases are a terrific way to make a space look lovely and inviting. Whether contemporary vases or modern vases, they're likely to catch someone's eye. Check out these great examples of how to use your home decor vases in a variety of settings.

  • Our bud vases, which are tall, slim bottle-style containers, are ideal for single stem flower arrangements. Because of their height, these small vases take up little room on a table but still have a significant impact.
  • Our 16" heavy duty square glass cylinder vase, for example, is a traditional broad cylinder-style floral vase that can carry larger arrangements with loads of foliage as fillers.
  • A large decorative flower pot, such as our 20" PVC pedestal urn planter, looks fantastic on its own or when they're filled with flowers and climbing plants.
  • Single stem flowers, air plants, and succulents look beautiful in our flexible wall vases.
  • Our mercury glass compote vase is a pedestal bowl vase that can accommodate floating candles, flower petals, leaves, colorful stones, and more, and is a unique floral display alternative.

2. What to put in tall floor vases ?

Ans: A large floor vase decor can add refinement and a touch of flair to any room. A beautiful vase does not have to be limited to the coffee table in the living room or the dining table. Tall decorative floor vases can also be placed on the floor to transform dreary, forgotten corners into eye-catching focal points in your home.

A tall vase decor can be embellished with a variety of ornaments. Faux flowers, dried branches, and lush greeneries are the most popular. These tall vases for living room can be used as a display centerpiece while also adding a distinctive vibe to your interior. Use colorful pebbles in a glass floor vase like our 31" tall tapered cylinder glass vase for a dashing and easy décor, while a tall floor vase with branches will offer texture and interest to that vacant space next to the staircase.

Other vase fillers, such as handmade twig wicker balls, ostrich feathers, and faux pearl beads are other decorating ideas for tall vases that give a more customized touch and an eye-catching design. And who said a floor vase decor has to be filled with anything at all times? A sophisticated big vase decor like our 40" marble design flower pot vase in an empty corner would make a modern contemporary house look more complete.

3. How to use a planter box ?

Ans: Even if you don't have enough outdoor space to build a true garden, you can still have plants in your home. A tall wood planter box is the perfect solution to this problem. A narrow planter box not only solves your limited space problem but also keeps your plants healthy and safe in style. Furthermore, large plant pots make it simple to maintain your indoor greenery and relocate them as needed.

Choose indoor decorative pots that add interest to your plant display while reflecting your sense of style. You can place a wooden plant pot strategically near the front door or create an eye-catching accent in the bedroom for a nice look. Hang planters for front porch beneath window sills if you just have a balcony.

Make sure your flower pot decoration has enough room for your plant's roots to grow and drainage holes to give it the best possible growing environment. With a little effort, you can create an interior garden that is as rich and lovely as any external garden.

4. Where to buy vases ?

Ans: With vases from eHomemart, you can create fresh botanical displays all over your home. There's a lovely vase waiting to fit into any corner of your living area, with selections ranging from small flower vases to bold tall flower vasesChoose from a variety of vase body shapes and sizes to contain single blooms or stems all the way up to sophisticated and tall floral arrangements.

Select from our vast selection of home decor possibilities with styles that will suit any home aesthetic. If your property has a contemporary rustic atmosphere, our wooden rectangular planter is a good choice. Try our metal floor vase in incredibly trendy colors like silver, gold, and rose gold for home settings with a more glam appeal, while our glass decorative table vases are ideal for spaces with a minimalist design.

These gorgeous flower vases for sale look great on end tables, accent tables, consoles, and shelves, and they are sure to bring charm to any room. Show off stunning fresh or artificial flowers, or simply let these pieces stand alone. There is no correct or incorrect method to use these elements. Mix and match heights, use a variety of materials in different areas, and create the focal point you desire for your home.

5. Where to buy plant stands ?

Ans: A plant holder stand is useful for displaying indoor and even outdoor plants and flowers in a fashionable and elegant manner. Find the ideal pedestal plant stand to give your blossoms and greens the limelight they deserve, whether you're new to indoor planting or you're a plant hoarder with a collection just waiting for the right foundation to complement them.

Find the best tiered plant stand that not only give elevation for your flora, but also has an open design that allows light to pass through, can sustain a reasonable amount of weight, and can endure occasional water spills. With our 4 tier ladder shelf metal frame rustic wooden leaning bookshelf rack, you can create a new focal point in the corner of your home with plenty of space for plants of all kinds.

Choose our dazzling clear acrylic plant stand with mirror base for highly distinctive arrangements that will fit practically anywhere and complement almost any home design. If you're searching for a wooden plant stand that can be used both indoors and outdoors, our 18" live edge rustic wooden end table is a good choice.

These are just some of the best floral display stand we offer. We ensure that no matter which of our decorative plant stand you purchase, they will all be appealing and useful, and will create an intriguing greenscape for your home interiors.

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