Vase & Planter


To add a pop of green and stylish affair to your outdoor and indoor décor, our Vase & Planter flaunt your foliage florals and elegant planters with a contemporary take on classic greenery. It adds refined and sophisticated elegance with timeless charm to your kitchen tables, office desks, party tables, weddings, and showers.

To inculcate Roman architectural splendidness, our Height Adjustable Artistic Roman Inspired Plant Stand is a glorious Roman inspiration planter stand to impart a grand imperial touch to glam up your venue. Be it an event, banquet, or any other joyous occasion, these pedestal columns by your stage side, decorated with pearls and ivy garlands and glitter accented leaves indulge your guests in a Roman elegance. Our eye-catching Rimmed Marble Ceramic Vase Planter is apt to adorn desks, bookshelves, tables, window sills, gardens, living room, kitchen and bathroom shelves, and any space you wish to liven up with a dash of lush greenery. If you want to make a vase & planter a style statement on an upcoming festivity, our Shimmering Mosaic Mirror and Pearls Centrepiece Riser is the ideal bling beauty with all its glitz and glamour and oozes ethereal sparkle and timeless elegance. It is a quintessential decorative accessory to be placed atop your tables and floor; or place your Flower Balls, Candles, Bouquets, Chandelier Candlesticks, Glass Vases, String Lights, Photographs, and any other decorative accessory upon the sparkling mirror finish plate to wonderstruck and spellbound your guests at this exotic display of aesthetic sense.

Style the best, hand-crafted flower bouquets, silk roses, and flower stems at an economical price in our huge variety of vases and planters to go beyond your expectations. Allow your décor to be a blockbuster and check out our other trending décor supplies like candles, bushes, centerpieces, ribbons, floral foams, floral tape, and decoration to create a splendid décor. To choose your favorite planters to assort these blossoms at affordable prices, don’t hesitate to visit our entire collection now!

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