Single Stem Flowers


If you are thinking about how to use artificial decorative flowers in an upcoming event or how to beautify your space with these eternal blossoms, choose single stem flowers from our vast collection and create enticing DIY decorations and flower arrangements. Replicating the color and texture of real blooms, our single silk flower stems look surprisingly lifelike and make an excellent decorative accent.

Add stunning visual appeal to your flower arrangement, bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, backdrops, and other floral arrangements with our single stem real touch tulips and faux hydrangea stems that have a stem that can be easily bent to make an arrangement of your liking. Made from soft foam, the beauty of our foam flower stems, and our artificial foam roses with stems and leaves is unsurpassed.

Add a dash of color and radiance to any festive affair with our eternally blossoming collection of artificial calla lily flowers. Do remember to check our distinct collection of peacock-spread craft lilies that have striking similarities with spread-out peacock tail feathers with all their charismatic charm. Use these single stem calla lilies for an added flavor of modish touch to your decoration.

Having a wide application, our artificial flower stems can be used generously in bedrooms, verandas, office spaces, and home spaces, and can also be used in celebrations such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties, showers, etc. At eHomemart, we aim to provide premium quality single stem flowers at affordable prices to our customers. We invite you to check the entire collection yourself and choose the ones that you like.


1. How to store artificial flowers at home ?

Ans: Quality silk flower stems may survive for years when properly cared for and preserved, making them an excellent ornamental investment for homes. Follow these simple steps to extend the life of long stem artificial flowers and to keep them looking fresh and fascinating.

  • Cleaning
  • Make sure your faux floral stems are clean and dry before storing them. You may need to clean dirty flower stems with a damp microfiber towel in some circumstances. For the rest, a simple feather duster will suffice. Dust them at least once a week, starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom of the artificial flower stems.

  • Storing
  • Keep faux flower stems in airtight plastic storage jars to keep their beautiful appearance. When making diverse arrangements, silk flowers are usually affixed to a flexible thin wire stem that is cut or sculpted. To avoid crushing and deforming the flower heads, store real-touch flower stems in long, big boxes.

    2. How to hide flower stems in clear vase ?

    Ans: You can put something lovely together even if you have no idea how to professionally arrange flowers, like literally, you only know how to put them in water. Lining the interior of the vessel with greenery is one way to cover the water, divert attention away from the faux stems, and create a unique décor element when using a clear glass vase.

    Another alternative is to place a smaller vase inside a larger vase, which allows you to greatly adjust the exterior container. Natural elements such as limes, lemons, and oranges can be added for a truly fresh and unexpected look, while small pieces of driftwood, acorns, rocks, or any fall harvest can be tucked in between the vases for a fall decor centerpiece.

    3. How to cut artificial flower stems ?

    Ans: If you've ever dealt with faux flowers for arrangements, you may need to cut their stems on occasion in order to get the desired look. If you've ever tried to cut these silk flowers with normal scissors, you know how difficult it can be to cut the stems and it simply does not work. To cut those bothersome small wires, you'll need the right tools.

    A stem cutter for artificial flowers is a must-have. Use them to cut floral wire, flower stems, and a variety of other items that you shouldn't cut with normal scissors. A floral stem cutter is also useful for adjusting the length of your flower stems and helping you with all of your trimming and bending needs.

    4. Where to buy individual flower stems ?

    Ans: The greatest sophistication is simplicity. So, rather than exhibiting an extravagant bouquet of coffee table or dining table flower arrangements, you're considering making a statement with a single flower arrangement for tables that uses only one type of flower with a stem. With that in mind, is your one-stop shop for high-quality, low-cost flower stems and sprays.

    You can select any flower stem from our selection of artificial flower stems. If you want to create a pleasant, clean, and homey living space, use the dramatic and unique aspects of our single stem rose with leaves. Our single stem artificial tulips, calla lily foam flowers, and silk hydrangea stems, on the other hand, are interesting possibilities to show in various places of the house and are certain to look fantastic even when put inside a plain glass vase.

    These single stem flowers are not only lovely decorations, but they're also wonderful for crafts and other home décor projects. Furthermore, the long-lasting components of these tall stem flowers ensure that your flowers survive and stay fresh for as long as possible.

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