Single Stem Flowers


If you are thinking about how to use artificial decorative flowers in an upcoming event or how to beautify your space with these eternal blossoms, choose single stem flowers from our vast collection and create enticing DIY decorations and Flower Arrangements. Replicating the color and texture of real blooms, our single silk flower stems look surprisingly lifelike and make an excellent decorative accent.

Add stunning visual appeal to your flower arrangement, bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, backdrops, and other floral arrangements with our Single Stem Real Touch Tulips that have a stem that can be easily bent to make an arrangement of your liking. Made from soft foam, the beauty of our foam flower stems, our artificial foam roses with stems and leaves is unsurpassed.

Add a dash of color and radiance to any festive affair with our eternally blossoming collection of artificial Calla Lilly Flowers. Do remember to check our distinct collection of peacock-spread craft lilies that have striking similarities with spread-out peacock tail feathers with all their charismatic charm. Use these single stem flower lilies for an added flavor of modish touch to your decoration.

Having a wide application, our single stem flowers can be used generously in bedrooms, verandas, office spaces, home spaces, and can also be used in celebrations such as wedding celebrations, birthday parties, showers, etc. At ehomemart, we aim to provide premium quality single stem flowers at affordable prices to our customers. We invite you to check the entire collection yourself and choose the ones that you like.


1. How to store long stemmed silk flowers ?

Ans: When treated with care and properly stored, quality silk flower stems can last for years, making them a brilliant decorative investment for homes. Extend the lifespan of long stem silk flowers and keep them fresh and exciting by following these simple steps.

Cleaning Long Stem Artificial Flowers

Before storing, make sure your floral stems are clean and dry. In some cases, you will need to use a damp microfiber cloth to clean dirtier flower stems. For others, all you'll need is a simple feather duster. Dust at least once a week and start at the top section and work your way slowly to the bottom of the artificial stems for vases.

Storing Long Stem Artificial Flowers

Maintain the pristine look of faux floral stems by keeping them in airtight plastic storage tubs. Silk flowers are typically attached to a flexible thin wire stem, which is trimmed or shaped when creating different arrangements. Store faux flower stems in long, large boxes to avoid compressing them and deforming the flower heads.

2. How to make wall flower decorations ?

Ans: Easily recreate those gorgeous flower walls you have seen on Pinterest with our collection of swoon-worthy flower stems and these simple steps.

  • For an ombre flower wall, choose flower stems in a gradient of shades. Or, if you want to go for a monochromatic look, get a large number of floral stems of the same color. For a chic style, you can mix different types and colors of faux flower stems.
  • Start by cutting the flower heads by leaving about 1/4 -1/2″ of the stem. You will need that much stem length left to secure the flower heads to the twine.
  • Using a twine or fishing line, tie the flower heads at one end and work your way down. Leave a good amount of space on both ends for hanging.
  • Create as many strands as you will need and adjust the length of the twine according to the area of the wall you want to cover. 
  • You can attach each strand directly to the wall. Alternatively, to make it easier to move your flower wall around in your home in case you find a better spot later, attach the twine with flower heads to a wood branch for a more natural feel, or a curtain rod can also work if you want a simpler look.

3. How to make a top table flower arrangement ?

Ans: DIY flower arrangements for home tabletops range from simple to whimsical. Don't let fancier faux florals discourage you. Remember, you don't need to be a professional florist to put together stunning table flower arrangements for your interiors. All you need is a little creativity and eHomemart’s range of single stem flowers. To get started:

  • Choose your vase based on the type of flower stem you will use and the size and style of the arrangement you want to create.
  • Cut the stems of the artificial blooms with scissors according to the size of your vase.
  • Start by adding the largest flower stem in your vase. Turn the container as you add more flowers to make sure the arrangement is symmetrical.
  • Layer in the next variety of floral stems and repeat until all flowers have been added.
  • For added texture and to create a lush floral decor, layer in some artificial greenery stems.
  • Contrast lighter-toned flowers with deeper reds and chocolates to create a striking centerpiece.
  • Now all you need to do is admire the gorgeous tabletop flower arrangements you have created.

4. Where to buy single stem flowers ?

Ans: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So instead of displaying an elaborate bouquet of coffee table flower arrangements or dining table flower arrangement, you're thinking of making a statement with simple flower arrangements for tables using a single variety of flower stem. With that in mind, count on for high-quality, affordable artificial flower stems that won't blow your budget.

You can choose any flower of your choice from our range of artificial stems. The dramatic and interesting features of our foam roses with stems and leaves work best if you want to get a cozy, clean, and homey living room. However, other interesting options to display in different areas of the house are our single stem artificial tulips, calla lily artificial flowers, and artificial hydrangea flower heads; guaranteed they will look good even when displayed inside a simple glass vase. 

These individual flowers are not only great accents but are also perfect for crafting and various interior decorating projects. Plus, the durable materials of these long stem artificial flowers for tall vases ensure your flowers last and look fresh all the time. 


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