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Wall décor plays a significant role in making your interior space and abode look resplendent and stunning. There are many types of décor items that can give your house walls a grand look and wall shelves can be a fantastic choice. Deck up your walls with sublime grandeur by fixing floating wall shelves available at Ehomemart.

Be it the kitchen, the bedroom, or even the dining area, they can be beautified by opting for wall shelves that exude sublime elegance and style. If you are a person who loves rustic appeal along with some shimmer, then choose the wood and metal wall mounted floating shelves.

The shelf made with shimmering black metal brackets and brown wooden planks can be a wondrous piece of décor item that can add extra grace to your interior space. But if you wish for hanging wall shelves that would look chic and sleek, then the hexagon wood storage wall shelf will be your perfect option. The shiny and polished demeanor of this décor item can glam up your interior space with impeccable chicness and flair.

Some people prefer their house walls with wall mounted shelves to ooze chicness while others prefer a top-notch trendy appeal. And if you are one among the latter, opting for the gold round floating double hoop design wall shelf or the black hexagon double geometric design wall shelf will make your wish come true with flawless finesse.

Wall display shelves with such metallic shimmer and a woodsy demeanor can make your home décor look absolutely adorable. Made with high-grade metallic brackets and wooden planks, these decorative wall shelves are very durable but very easy to attach to the walls as well. They are also ergonomic which means they can be shifted to a different place when needed without any hassle. So, visit Ehomemart right away to choose from a wide range of attractive wall shelves to beautify your home and wall décor with allure.


1. How to hang shelves without nails ?

Ans: Hanging display shelves on walls is a popular trend and a great way to save space and add personality to your home decor. It can also be a good idea if you don't want to put holes in the wall, which can be unsightly. Installing a no-drill floating shelf may seem like a difficult task, but with the right equipment, it won't be, as there are a handful of no-drill options for mounting a shelf display on walls. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Command Hooks are easy to use and come with two adhesive strips that will hold the hook to the wall. You just need to press them securely against the back of the shelf and hang it from there.
  • Velcro strips are an alternative for those who don't want to drill their wall or use screws. You just need to cut them into four pieces and attach them to the back of your wall shelf decor.
  • Another excellent alternative to using nails or screws is magnetic strips. However, the downside to this method is that you can't change the layout of the wall rack once they're attached in place. However, if you intend to change your furniture often, this method may be sufficient.
  • Shelf brackets make it easy to mount wall decor shelves quickly and securely. Just screw the brackets on the back of the wall mount shelf and then attach it to the wall.
  • Hooks and clips are perfect for attaching display racks to tiled walls. Just clip the hooks or clips to the back of the shelf and then to the wall. When you need to mount wall hanging shelves in a limited spot, this method is ideal. 
  • When placing wall displays on uneven surfaces like ceilings and walls, self-adhesive tapes come in handy. They allow you to quickly assemble your decor shelves without risking ruining anything, such as leaving holes in the wall. Also, these tapes normally do not need any further preparation.

2. What to put on wall shelves ?

Ans: Wall racks or shelves are a clever way to add storage without occupying extra floor space. They are quite multifunctional, and with a little innovation, you can use them to arrange and adorn your home in unexpected ways. Using eye-catching wall shelving is a great way to make use of vertical space in your home, and depending on what kind of shelf you buy, they can be versatile. 

Lightweight wall storage shelves are great for playful accents such as family photos, plush animals, vases, candleholders, letters or monograms, air plants, and other lightweight decorative objects. Heavy-duty display shelving in bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms can be used for storage, displaying a treasured art collection, small sculptures, books, or heavier items such as glass vessels. Just add in the decor of your choice to increase your interior’s aesthetic.

3. How to arrange floating shelves on a wall ?

Ans: A wall mount shelving adds visual appeal to your walls and your method of placing them on the empty wall, such as symmetrically or off-center, may even indicate something about your character. If you have limited wall space and a straight vertical layout seems to be the only choice, you can experiment with layout changes and use decorations with varying heights.

You can place decor shelves of different lengths at various heights. Place larger shelves on top of shorter ones to provide variety. You can also choose to group a small number of shelf for display together in three or five. Position the middle shelf higher or lower than the ones on the sides when using three shelves, and five shelves can be staggered horizontally, with two or three more elevated than the others and alternating every other shelf.

Shadow boxes are racks that come in square, rectangular, round, and honeycomb shapes and the arrangement possibilities are endless. They look best when exhibited as a grouping. You can also mix in some floating or traditional shelves to add interest to the design. Play with the arrangement and change the layout whenever you want to keep updating your wall decor.

4. Where to buy floating shelves ?

Ans: Looking for the ideal shelf for wall? eHomemart’s shelves for wall are a great alternative to spruce up your space on a budget. These inexpensive shelves feature modern designs and extra storage space for keepsakes and smaller items like plants, vases, or books. Whether you need more storage space in your living room or home office, or a place to display your favorite photos in your living room, a set of our wall decor shelving will always come in handy.

When installed together, these sturdy shelves for walls make a statement but are also a wonderful addition to a wall when mounted on their own. We offer decorative shelves for wall in both wood and metal finishes, so you're sure to find one to suit your home's aesthetic. Plus, they can be installed quickly and easily for a space-saving home decor update.

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