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Bring a touch of glamour and sheen to your tabletop decor with our alluring collection of centerpiece trays that’ll augment the appeal of your table decor manifolds. With chic and stylish decorative trays, you can effortlessly add lustrous allure and unique flair to your decor. Available in a variety of shapes and designs they are the perfect mirror tray decor accessories that are versatile in use to impart splendor and grandeur to the tabletop decor.

Make a stylish centerpiece for your table using a table tray like our rose bordered rectangle mirrored tray and arrange gorgeous flower vases along with candles in it to exude a mesmerizing allure. For a lavish table centerpiece, display pearl bead strings and LED candles in a metallic oval resin decorative serving tray for a sumptuous appeal. Similarly, you can use our contemporary-style gold rectangle mirror decorative serving trays or octagon decorative trays to impart a scintillating charm to the tabletop decor. However, if you want to imbue a rustic charm into the table decor then select our beautiful galvanized steel and wooden serving tray with metal handles to ooze bucolic flair.

With Ehomemart’s splendid range of mirror trays, you can add that posh and opulent allure to your tabletop decor. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online store today and grab your favorite centerpiece trays now!


1. What should I display on trays ?

Ans: A centerpiece tray can be adorned in a variety of ways depending on the look you are going for and is a wonderful way to keep things chic and organized. However, there are a few things to consider as you decorate your tray. The first thing you should always keep in mind is to avoid filling them with too much stuff. You only create unnecessary clutter if you add random items when your goal is to get organized.

Focus on a few key pieces when using your table tray decor as a base, making sure they are aesthetically pleasing and go well with the design of your interior. For example, you could place a small lamp or a plant next to your books. The types of items you can use to adorn your coffee table tray decor are practically endless. Scented candles, fresh flowers, fairy lights, and any other decorations or ornamental items are a few examples.

Seasonal decor needs to be stowed away when not in use as it only causes clutter and takes up room. When the season changes, replace what is on your decorative serving trays or move it to another room and restyle it with a few small seasonal items. To balance out your arrangement, you can use the rule of three and add a tall, a short, and an in-between object.

2. Where do you put decorative trays ?

Ans: Decorative trays are fantastic functional pieces and a great way to nest away and display your home decor. An elegant metallic serving tray, possibly glass with silver or gold accents, can be placed on the dresser to keep makeup organized or, if you have an entry table, use a black decorative tray or white serving tray to collect belongings like pocket change and keys. 

A serving tray for parties can also be placed on an ottoman or pouf in the living room to use as a convenient table or display a decorative arrangement or use in the kitchen to keep certain kitchen items together. A round decorative tray can also be used in your workspace as an attractive way to organize pens, paper clips, and other office supplies. There are countless possibilities available and you are free to place them wherever you like.

3. Where to buy decorative trays ?

Ans: Decorative trays are a beautiful addition to any centerpiece. They allow you to add a special touch to the table and make it feel complete. If you are looking for the best centerpiece trays then you are in the right place. eHomemart offers you the finest and most elegantly designed trays for your home interior.

Ehomemart has a wide range of centerpiece trays in different sizes, shapes, and styles. You can use them to complement your existing decoration or create a new look. Whether you're looking for something small or large, practical or decorative, we have designer trays in every style. Browse our collection of centerpiece trays today.

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