Centerpiece Vases


Add an oomph factor to your tablescapes using fabulous centerpiece vases and tabletop decorations to elevate the aesthetics up by several notches. Exhibit your gorgeous flower arrangements in our stylish and intricately designed unique vases to exude a ravishing flair. Available in a variety of materials, designs, and sizes, these vases for flowers are ideal decor accents to infuse glamour and grandeur into the tabletop decor.

If you’re looking for a lavish vase centerpiece for your dinner table to exude luxury, our exquisitely designed floral vases are an attractive yet affordable option. Add a dash of extravagance to your dining table decor by positioning a tall mercury reversible Latour trumpet glass vase as an exotic table centerpiece and arranging pretty flowers in it for a sumptuous display. If you want to add a contemporary touch to your tabletop decor, opt for small vases such as modern gold metallic ceramic vases to ooze panache and flair. Whereas, if you want simple yet eye-catching vase decorations, place our embossed glass bud vases on your table and display beautiful blooms in them to impart a refreshing allure. 

Impart a majestic touch to your tabletop decor with Ehomemart’s fantastic range of centerpieces. Take a look at different designs and styles of flower vase decor and select one that matches your interior decor. Check out our centerpiece vases collection today!


1. How tall should a centerpiece vase be ?

Ans: When the word "centerpiece" is mentioned, you instantly imagine a vase of flowers, but in reality, it can be many different objects at varying heights. The centerpiece creates the focal point of the table setting, although the food and serving pieces are of paramount importance. 

However, a tabletop can become crowded and obtrusive with very tall centerpiece vases, while very small vases can also seem out of place. Even though your vase decor is really gorgeous, if it doesn't fit into the table's layout, it can completely spoil the atmosphere of the table and throw the harmony of the tablescape out the window.

The general rule of thumb is that you should look for a bud vase centerpiece that is 12 inches or less and a tall arrangement that is 24 inches or more, depending on the style you want and the size and shape of your table. Making sure your metal or glass vase centerpiece doesn't obstruct the diners' perspectives is more crucial than height.

2. What should I put in my centerpiece vase ?

Ans: A quick yet beautiful way to adorn your home is with centerpiece vases. These vases for centerpieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, so they can be used for a variety of decorative purposes other than holding a bouquet full of beautiful flowers. Consider your mood, the other décor that goes with your vase, or the season for inspiration on what to use to fill your centerpiece. 

For example, you can use seashells, dried beach sand, coral, or starfish in your vase to add a touch of summer to your interior design. For a fall-themed centerpiece or decoration, simply fill a trumpet vase table decor with artificial stems in fall hues. Plus, you can place festive treats and embellishments in clean floating candle vases, like candy corn for Halloween or vibrant ornaments for Christmas.

You can also get creative with natural, inexpensive, and eco-friendly vase fillers. These include river stones and pebbles, pine cones and acorns, willow branches, moss, feathers, lavender buds, and wheat grass. Aromatic citrus fruits, coffee beans, bow tie pasta, corkscrews, shelled nuts, cherries, and mints are some other inventive food vase fillers to spice up the look of your vase centerpiece.

3. Can you decorate with empty vases ?

Ans: Yes, empty vases can still be used as centerpieces especially if they come in beautiful colors and have beautiful sculptural shapes, patterns, and textures such as our 5" Round Embossed Leaf Flower Vases or Assorted Vintage Mini Bud Flower Vases. These empty flower vase centerpieces can make amazing arrangements and look best when clustered in odd numbers and at various heights.

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