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Want to add drama and character to your otherwise dull and dreary walls? If decorating the entire wall isn’t up your alley or you’re not quite ready to give a drastic makeover to your wall space, try adding a few wall accents to elevate your wall decor up a notch!

Whether you’re leaning towards a minimal style accent wall decor or you want to add a modish twist to your space, hang a couple of glass wall planters on your wall and pop in some floral stems for a chic and sophisticated accent wall decor. If you’re looking for wall accessories that’ll complement your geometric interior decorations, choose our trapezoid wall planters and turn them into mini terrariums to bring a refreshing flair to your design.

Want to make your space appear much bigger and more spacious? Mirrors are a great way to fill an empty wall space without adding color which helps give the illusion of a much bigger area. While large round mirrors can be worked into any kind of decor style, if you’re going for a contemporary or Scandinavian style interior design, opt for our square mirrors to reinforce clean lines into your decor.

However, if you’re looking to make a statement with your wall decor, try juxtaposing different shapes of wall mirrors in varying sizes for truly unique and whimsical wall art!

With Ehomemart’s eclectic range of wall accents, accessorizing your walls have never been easier! Explore our online store and check out the entire range of wall decor accents and items to stylishly update your wall space without going overboard or dropping a huge chunk of change. Visit us now!


1. How to hang decorations without damaging walls ?

Ans: We understand that you are always looking for ways to personalize your space to make it feel uniquely yours. But all the ideas you have in mind on how to embellish your home interiors with various decorative wall pieces won't be of much use unless you know how to hang these accent pieces without damaging the wall surface area. Nails, screws, and other mechanics that require drilling holes are often restricted especially if you're just renting, so what's the solution for a damage-free wall piece?

Here are some great tips you can use to easily hang your accent wall home decor without leaving unsightly blemishes.

  • Use hooks with adhesives as they can be removed quickly without leaving marks on the walls. Additionally, these adhesive hangers can hold heavier items, making them ideal for large wall accents like a loose grouping of large decorative mirrors in the living room.
  • A poster putty will allow you to easily hang multiple displays in one area. They are mainly used for lighter and small wall accents like our silk folding fans.
  • Another option that you can use for lightweight wall decor sets is hook and loop tape or also known as velcro tape. Just make sure you buy one that has a strong adhesive backing on both velcros to make sure your accent wall art is secured to the wall.
  • You can use command strips if you are dealing with not-so-heavy wall accents for the living room with a flat backing, Just make sure the surface is smooth and clean and the proper cure time is followed.

 2. How to display hand fans ?

Ans: Handheld folding fans are well known for oriental interior decoration and come in various styles and sizes. These fancy hand fans can give your walls a touch of personal style and make a fabulous wall decoration if hung correctly. You can hang our bamboo hand fan on the wall with just a few simple supplies to jazz up your interior décor.

  • Choose a space in your home that is open and complements the size of our high-quality hand fans.
  • Open the Asian fan and place it against the surface you have chosen to hang it. Experiment with positioning until you are satisfied with the outcome.
  • Mark directly below the bottom hinge of the silk hand fans with a small dot. Do the same halfway on each side of the fan. You should see three dots on your wall.
  • Hammer a picture frame nail into each mark you have on the wall. Drive the nail into the wall until only a quarter-inch protrudes.
  • Balance the collapsible fan on the nails. If the fan leans slightly forward, drive another nail into the wall, directly over the top middle part of the fan. This will also prevent the fan from tipping forward.
  • On the other hand, you can also use double-sided tape, velcro tape, or poster putty if you want to avoid damaging and leaving marks on your walls.

 3. How to install wall planters ? 

Ans: Having a wall mounted plant holder is a great idea for a number of reasons, one of which is that it keeps the plants off the ground and you'll likely find out sooner if they need attention. Another reason would be if you have children or pets, or if you’re just lacking floor space. Plus, this ingenious way of showcasing your plants implies you can infuse your interior with even more air-purifying ornamentation.

If the reasons mentioned above apply to you, then you should know how to properly install these wall planters indoor and outdoors. Our glass hanging planter already come with a hole in the back and a hook for easy hanging. All you need to do is mark the spot where you want to mount the wall flower holder and nail the hooks to the wall, and you’re all set. Meanwhile, you can use adhesive hooks to attach wooden wall planters to the wall.

These wall mounted terrariums are very versatile and can be seen as an opportunity to create something surprisingly beautiful. You can also customize our small planters by using ropes or strings to create a unique floating effect when hung on the walls or ceiling.

4. Where to buy wall decor ?

Ans: Adorn your walls and elevate your spaces with eHomemart’s collection of modern wall accents. Whether you're looking to add elegant wall decor or make a featureless wall shine, we've got you covered with our wall accent pieces for your feature wall ideas.

Create a polished look and clean focal point that will turn heads wherever you place them by adding wall accessories like our glass, metal, and wood wall accent decor, decorative wall mirror sets, wall plaques, handheld fans, and more. All these pieces make elegant wall decor for the living room, dining room, or home office and await to spice up your gallery wall, not just for your visitors and special occasions, but for every day.

Why settle for boring bare walls when you can find a variety of functional, modern, and inexpensive wall art that will complement your existing small wall accents. Shop now and check in regularly to discover incredible savings on the latest trending modern home wall decor items only at eHomemart.com.

5. Where to buy wall mirrors ?

Ans: Looking for a large round mirror to hang over the mantel? Or do you just need a square wall decor like a small square mirror to hang over a bathroom vanity? Whether you need a functional or stylish wall mirror or both, eHomemart has got you covered with our wide range of glass wall mirrors at great value.

A round wall mirror is a classic option that always looks great in bathrooms and other small areas in your home. But if you are looking for something that offers a more unique look, consider other shapes of mirror art wall decor like our hexagon wall mirror, heart shaped mirror, and wavy wall mirror design. No matter which style you choose, we have the option to complement your home space. 

Our modern decorative wall mirrors are not only affordable as they are useful, but they are also investment pieces that double as works of art that will fit in almost any space and complement any decorating style. You can also purchase other stylish wall mount decors like our hanging shelves, wall planters, shabby chic wooden wall plaques, and silk fans for additional interior style and decorative accent wall pieces.

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