Wall Accent


Want to add drama and character to your otherwise dull and dreary walls? If decorating the entire wall isn’t up your alley or you’re not quite ready to give a drastic makeover to your wall space, try adding a few wall accessories to elevate your wall decor up a notch!

Whether you’re leaning towards a minimal style accent wall decor or you want to add a modish twist to your space, hang a couple of glass wall planters on your wall and pop in some floral stems for a chic and sophisticated accent wall decor. If you’re looking for wall accessories that’ll compliment your geometric interior decorations, choose our hexagonal wall planters and turn them into mini terrariums to bring a refreshing flair to your design. Want to make your space appear much bigger and spacious? Mirrors are a great way to fill an empty wall space without adding color which helps give the illusion of a much bigger area. While Large round mirrors can be worked into any kind of decor style, if you’re going for a contemporary or Scandinavian style interior design, opt for our square mirrors to reinforce clean lines into your decor. However, if you’re looking to make a statement with your wall decor, try juxtaposing different shaped mirrors in varying sizes for truly unique and whimsical wall art!

With Ehomemart’s eclectic range of wall accessories, accenting your walls has never been easier! Explore our online store and check out the entire range of wall decor accents and items to stylishly update your wall space without going overboard or dropping a huge chunk of change. Visit us now!

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