Wall Florals


Love incorporating flowers in your wall decor? There is no doubt that adding wall florals to your home wall decor is a fine way to infuse elegance and flair into your design. Breathe life into your space with an assortment of lovely paper flowers in different sizes, types, and styles to creatively spiff up your wall space in no time!

If you’re looking to add a pop of flamboyance to your otherwise dull and boring wall space above your fireplace mantel, display a bunch of wall florals like our pastel-colored large paper flowers to imbue a peppy touch to your living room decor.

However, if you’re going for a classy and sophisticated appeal, adorn a sleek gold metal floral hoop with a gorgeous artificial flower garland to create an enticing flower wall hanging that’ll act as a riveting focal point for your living space.

In case you’re looking to imbue a perky springtime aura into your home for Easter, pair some blush-colored foam flowers with our 3D butterfly wall decal stickers for a lovely DIY flower wall art or flower wall backdrop that’ll elevate the joy of the season tenfold.

Planning a house party? Don’t leave that wall space empty and use our paper fan pinwheel wall hangings to accentuate your party decorations to the next level! Whichever floral accents you choose for your home wall decor, don’t forget to create a base with our stick on wall tiles or grass wall panels to further highlight your floral wall decorations!

We at Ehomemart understand that nothing can hold a candle to floral decorations when it comes to decorating any space. To this end, we offer an amazing variety of giant paper flowers to help you give life to your mesmeric flower wall decor ideas. Check out our collection of wall florals and prepare to ooze a whimsical flair into your space!


1. How to make large wall flowers ?

Ans: Looking for a dramatic, stylish, and easy-to-make floral wall decor on a budget to evoke the charm of a garden indoors? Why exhaust yourself in learning how to make paper flowers for walls when a selection of jaw-dropping large flower wall decor is easily accessible especially if you are short on time?

No need to trace paper flower templates, cut individual petals and glue them together. Discover inexpensive oversized flower wall hanging in warm playful hues—from pink flower wall decor to white flower wall decor—to give your walls a wholesome and effortless allure. Adorn surfaces with blooming dahlia, delicate carnations, daisies, and roses, and create an enchanting semi-abstract floral wall accent in any area in your home. 

These giant foam and paper flower wall art decor that mimics the charm of real flowers are simply stunning and would make the perfect flower wall decor for the living room, bedroom flower wall decor, or any dull surface that needs an eye-catching embellishment. If a DIY flower wall hanging craft seems complicated, our selection of 3D flower wall decor that features layers of soft and smooth petals is always available to bring beautiful dimensions to your plain walls.

 2. How to make a modern wreath ?

Ans: Making your home look warm and inviting is easy with a truly gorgeous wreath. Learn how to make your own modern front door wreath with just a few supplies, and welcome everyone into your home with this fun and stylish DIY flower wall decor

  • The first step toward making a modern wreath is making sure you've got all the materials. Head over to our Wall Florals and Artificial Flower collection, where you'll find all the supplies you need to make your own modern-looking hoop wreath. Make sure you have the following: gold hoop wreath, floral wire, your choice of artificial flowers in small and large sizes, greenery fillers, and wire cutters.
  • With your wire cutters, cut off some greenery and group them together with your artificial flowers, making sure the lengths are varied and the stems are all together. Tie the bundle tightly at the base with the floral wire. You can choose to make two similar bundles or a longer one for your contemporary wreath.
  • Unlike a traditional wreath, you don't have to fill the entire gold hoop to make it look sleeker, so be sure to leave about half of the metal hoop exposed. Once you've created your bundles, the next step is to attach them to the metal ring. Begin by placing the base of the bundle against the ring. Use the floral wire to wrap the base of the bundle and the ring together.
  • To ensure that the bundle follows the curve of the ring, position it slightly higher. Depending on the length of the greenery and the flower cluster or your desired shape, you may need to wrap some wire at various points on the metal ring.
  • Now all that's left to do is find a place in your home for your modern front door decor.

3. How to use 3d butterfly wall stickers ?

Ans: Hanging butterfly decorations is the easiest way to add a modern and romantic touch to your home space. But unlike the real ones, this flock of fluttering butterfly home decor won’t fly away so you can create a dainty accent or a stunning display for your home interior all year round. Here are different ways to use them.

  • Add some flair to your bedroom with our vivid and realistic-looking butterfly wall decor, which you can use to decorate everything from study tables to bed frames. 
  • Our luminous 3D butterfly wall decor can also be used to embellish kitchen drawers, tissue holders, and even cooking jars for an added touch of chic elegance to your cooking space.
  • Embellish your refrigerator with a swarm of vibrant butterfly wall designs for more style and interest. 
  • Make your kid’s room look soft and ethereal by hanging butterflies from ceiling. You can also place some large butterfly wall decor throughout the room to create something enchanting for your little one to relish.
  • Choose your favorite minimalistic picture frame and create an aesthetic butterfly framed art that you can display on the wall or on your tabletops. 

4. Where to buy paper flowers for backdrop ?

Ans: Are you planning to overhaul your home furnishings and incorporate adorable and refreshing floral wall art for an upcoming gathering at home? If so, our fun and vibrant large flower wall hanging decor is something to check out. We’re sure they will always be at the top of your decorating list when it comes to any event or even as a home accent all year round.

We bring you our masterfully handcrafted selection of paper flower wall decor which is available in wonderful radiant colors. Choose from our intricate gold flower wall decor, white flower wall decor, blue paper flowers, and many more. 

You can use this striking replica of oversized tissue paper flower designs that effortlessly commands visual attention as a nursery wall decor, or birthday wall decoration, or buy a bunch to fill an entire wall and use it as a floral wall backdrop for a home event or photoshoot, and many more. With our everyday low prices, you'll want to deck out every wall in your home with mesmerizing large flower wall art.

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