Pedestal & Tiered Stands


Display your confectionaries glamorously with chic and trendy pedestal and tiered stands that’ll further enhance the adorable appearance of your sweet treats. These pedestal stand and tiered serving stand are available in a wide variety of styles and designs that’ll match any theme and decor adding a fabulous flair to the presentation.

Are you looking for contemporary tiered tray decorations for your dessert tables? Opt for our 4-Tier half-moon white plastic pedestal riser to elegantly glam up your dessert table decor. If you want to add a sumptuous appeal to the sweet treat display, position a large gold metal hexagonal riser stand to take your dessert stands presentation to a whole new level of glamour and grandeur. In case you want to display your donuts stylishly, position a rectangle donut bar wall display stand to exude a peppy vibe. Planning a rustic themed backyard party? Arrange the sweets on a rustic wooden display stand with hairpin legs and 3-Tier natural wood slice display stand to ooze a bucolic flair. However, if you want to bring a colorful appeal to your dessert table, choose our 3-Tier red wavy square edge riser stand or 3-Tier blue floral print plastic riser for a wonderful decor.

A wide range of premium quality yet cheap cake pedestal display stands are available at ehomemart to help you augment the aesthetics of your dessert display in a most gorgeous manner. Check out our collection of pedestal and tiered stands now!


1. What material options are available in cake stands ?

Ans: Dessert and cake holders made of acrylic, glass, wood, stone, or metal look beautiful and can be used for more than just elevating the presentation of almost any dessert or baked goods, from cookies, brownies, cupcakes, macarons, and more. These dessert table stands can also be a beautiful and elegant centerpiece or display piece for fruit, candles, and other trinkets.

Since cake stands are often decorative, the best material is the one that you find the most beautiful. The best option if you are looking for durability and practicality is a cake stand made of acrylic, metal, or even stone. Acrylic cake stands are durable, lightweight, and dishwasher friendly, but may not be as aesthetically pleasing. 

If you don't anticipate having to move your dessert stand that much, a stone plate riser or metal cake stand is a better option. A metal cake stand decor is also ideal for exhibiting sophisticated cakes and sweets at high-end functions.

On the other hand, wooden dessert stands and risers are versatile, durable, and suitable for rustic-themed dining tables and chic farmhouse displays. Finally, try a glass cake pedestal for a simple yet upscale aesthetic. They'll look great with simple, contemporary decor, and as a bonus, this type of stand for cake won’t take the focus off your delectable pastry.

2. What type of cake stand should I choose ?

Ans: If you are hosting a special event or just enjoy baking and want to present your cake and pastries in an attractive way, cake and tiered stands are a must. There are various types of dessert display stands. However, each type has a different function and set of features.

The most typical among them are pedestal cake stands which often come with a clear plastic or glass dome to keep the cake fresh while it is being presented. A pedestal for cake is commonly found in homes and diners and can be used for various types of cakes, both for formal occasions and outdoor events. If you're not hosting a party, you can use your cake pedestals as a regular centerpiece with candles and seasonal decorations.

A cake plate or plateau stand is a flat or slightly raised display plate or platter typically used for single or two-tier cakes. Plateau cake stands have the same base as pedestal stands but have three or four short legs. They are suitable for using the cake as a focal point of the table. Due to their vintage aesthetic, classic wedding cakes are frequently displayed on a cake plate stand.

 Layered in different sizes and staggered at various levels for impact, a tiered cake stand is ideal for displaying a variety of cakes individually or for serving smaller desserts such as cupcakes, muffins, macarons, and pastries. A cake or cupcake tower will add a sophisticated touch to your dessert presentation, whether you're making an elaborate display or want to forego the conventional cake altogether.

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