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Are you a true admirer of the natural glow of lush greenery and are always looking up for some unique plant stands that could give your plants and botanicals a modish lift? Look no further than our modish collection of wood plant stand and metal planter stands that will keep your plants healthy and safe in style and will make a modern contemporary house look more complete.

If you are head over heels in love with rustic plant stands that could add style and structure to your home or party décor, our trendy tiered plant stand will add forestry flair to your space. The chic cylindrical shape of our gold metal plant stands will create a magical view of your fresh or faux plants cascading over the side. 

Get creative and make a style statement by customizing clear acrylic sheets and using them with our metal plant stands to exhibit your flowers and foliage. Our acrylic decorative plant stands & pedestal gold plant stands will create a dazzling display of colorful blooms and greenery. These unique risers for plants will work as ideal wedding centerpieces, decorative vases, floor decorations, cake table décor, and candle display stands.

Ooze Roman architectural splendidness into your décor by opting for our Roman-inspired column pedestal stands and let this decorative corner plant stand bedazzle your guests with its exultant radiance. Bring a chic French twist to your space with our splendid selection of French-inspired contemporary style large plant stands and decorate with our disposable garlands, ivies, roses, daisies, Manzanita Trees, ribbons, and other accessories to impart a completely enchanting look to your decoration.

Exhibit your aesthetic style by choosing modish plant pot stands and assort flowers & greenery at affordable prices from eHomemart and let your décor be a blockbuster. Create a unique floral & greenery display with indoor plant stands for multiple plants and give your entryways, corridors, gardens, living room, kitchen, bathroom shelves, office desks, party tables, weddings, showers, and any space where you wish to bring a little bit of green magic. Visit our online store and don’t be reluctant to order plant stands item of your choice. 


1. Should indoor plants be on a stand ?

Ans: Do you like indoor plants and flowers? If so, investing in a pedestal stand for plants can help you free up space while also giving you the perfect place to display vibrant blooms or greenery indoors. Plant table stands are not only a great way to enhance the look of any houseplant, but they also make small plants appear tall and help make your plant collection even more interesting.

They may seem insignificant, but these risers for plants can serve many purposes. An extra tall plant stand also helps lift your pots and planters away from curious kids or pets, protecting your plants and your home from a dirt-filled mess. 

Other than that, a plant holder stand helps lift pots and planters off the ground, minimizing any damage on your floor in the long run. The best part is that plant holder stands can really fit almost anywhere, even if you live in a small space and are looking for a way to brighten up a spot.

2. How tall should a plant stand be ?

Ans: Indoor plant stands are available in a variety of sizes, materials, colors, and finishes. Other pedestal stands for plants are quite simple and functional, designed to make the plant pedestal stand out, while some have massive dimensions that will serve as the centerpiece of the space.

The number of plants to be displayed, their weight, and the location where you want to place them should all be considered when choosing the size of the plant holder stand. Sizes can range from single plant stands that stand a few inches off the ground and support very large, heavy pots to plant shelves that are several feet tall and have numerous tiers to support numerous small to medium-sized pots.

You definitely want your plant table to accommodate all of the plants you want to display, but then you also want it to adapt to the area you have reserved. If you’d like a lot of display space but don’t have a lot of room, choose a tall plant stand indoor with many levels for vertical storage instead of horizontal storage.

3. Where to buy plant stands ?

Ans: Use eHomemart's plant display stands, including metal plant stands, ladder plant stands, and wooden plant stands to maximize the growing area for your plants and bring dimension and drama to your display without compromising aesthetics, comfort, or space. Our pedestal plant stands offer a striking means of displaying an indoor herb garden, pottery, or décor for your home, from modern touches to farmhouse flair.

Our Modern Gold Metal Planter With Stand is lightweight and easy to move around. These tall plant stands are great alternatives for people who don't have a table or counter close enough to the windows to store their favorite plants. Our unique 4-Tier Half Moon Plant Shelf Rack allows you to create a lush garden in your home. Not only does this plant shelf indoor offer multiple levels of space to store your plants, and has hanging hooks that can accommodate hanging plants.

If you're looking for a small indoor plant stand to give taller plants a little lift, consider this chic Wood Slice Side Table that features an elegant modern design. Available in gold, black, and white and can be used as plant stands outdoor or indoors, our Metal Column Stands are a great choice if you're looking for a versatile yet inexpensive plant rack indoors. These geometric vase columns go well with most modern and contemporary style homes.

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