Cloth Napkins


A perfect tablescape not only enhances the look of your event but complements well with the decor also. If you are looking to enhance the thematic elegance of your event decor then keep cloth napkins in mind, they may seem like a small and minor detail but take your tabletop aesthetics to a whole new level. With a vast assortment of colors, patterns, and styles available, our collection of cloth dinner napkins will enhance the elegance of your dinner parties and other festive events.

Make a stunning first impression on your guests by choosing eccentric fabric napkins and turning your dining experience into a regal affair. If you are planning a grand anniversary dinner, our satin napkins will augment the romantic whimsical charm. Turn your cocktail parties, barbeque parties, dinners, holidays, birthdays, showers, carnivals, picnics, and high-end commercial events and wedding receptions into a magnificent realm by displaying our checkered, striped, cotton napkins.

For a wedding reception using our velvet napkins and sequin napkins will help emanate a scintillating and gleaming appeal to your event design. If you are planning a corporate event, using polyester napkinslinen dinner napkins, cheesecloth napkins, or pintuck napkins will not only give a sophisticated allure but will also add a dignified class to your decor.

Enhance the elegance of your dinner parties and other festive events by choosing our damask flocking table napkins oozing oodles of elegance and panache. Take your personalized theme to the next level by creating a fancy cloth napkin folding and bringing extra class to your corporate events, anniversary parties, and other milestone celebrations.

We at eHomemart, understand that spending big amounts on cloth napkins might eat up your entire decoration budget. With our remarkably affordable cloth napkins collection, you can invite as many guests as you want without emptying your pockets. Visit our online store and see for yourself!


1. Why use cloth napkins ?

Ans: You could believe that using cloth napkins requires too much effort, from washing to drying and storing. Despite this, there are several compelling reasons to switch the best cloth napkins for your dinner table.

When compared to paper napkins, which can degrade after a few washes, cloth napkins are more suited for extended use. These cloth cocktail napkins are also reusable; just make sure to wash them properly and they will surely last for a long time.

Decorative cloth dinner napkins are not only functional but also beautiful and ornamental in nature. Simply match your table setting's color, style, and design. Elegant napkin rings can be matched with any cloth napkin size to make them even more beautiful and appealing.

2. How to set a table with cloth napkins ?

Ans: A variety of ways can be used to set colored napkins and other fabric linens on the table for everyday use. Proper table etiquette is necessary, but it's also important to take it slowly so as not to overdo it. Consider the table layout and its impact on the overall dining experience rather than focusing on every little aspect.

The dinner napkins should be put to the left of the forks if there is enough room between the silverware. If there isn't enough space on the table, the napkin can be placed on the plate or charger. No matter how lovely it looks on your table, your linen table napkins should never be placed inside glasses and cups.

3. How to wrap silverware in cloth napkins ?

Ans: Cutlery can be wrapped in cloth kitchen napkins in a variety of ways. If you're setting the table for lunch, though, you might want to consider a few basic, traditional, and efficient cloth napkin folding ideas for your flatware. To make your cloth napkin folding pocket, follow these simple instructions.

  • Fold your dining napkin in quarters, then fold the top layer diagonally.
  • Then, flip the linen napkin folds over and fold both sides nearly to the center.
  • After that, simply flip the napkin over and you're done! It's time to put your favorite cutlery on the table and enjoy your DIY napkin folding project.

4. What to do with old cloth napkins ?

Ans: If you have a pile of old cloth table napkins in your drawer, it's time to reuse them and make your own DIY crafts with them. Those old kitchen napkins can be useful in a variety of situations. If you're looking for a new activity to do with your old napkins, have a look at these ideas.

  • Sew two shabby napkins together to make a lovely pillowcase for your sofa and chair. 
  • Upcycle your everyday cloth napkins and use them as your new placemat or charger plate. Simply place the dinner plate or service plate on the fabric napkin and you have an easy table makeover that’s great even for special occasions.
  • Cotton dinner napkins work great as a wine bottle gift wrap. Place the wine bottle in the middle of a napkin laid out flat on a surface and pull four corners up. Finish off by tying up the napkin with rustic jute twine or a decorative ribbon.
  • Create an attractive wall art by simply placing patterned cloth napkins behind a milky white rug inside a frame of your choice, as these types of napkins are made from gorgeous fabrics that are worth displaying.
  • Old printed napkins can also be used to make adorable dog kerchiefs, and if they're made of a soft and absorbent material, they can be cut into bibs for babies.

5. Where to buy cloth napkins ?

Ans: Whether you're looking for a wonderful pair of white cloth napkins, black cloth napkins, red cloth napkins, or any other color for a special event at home or just want to upgrade your dining room's dinner napkins, eHomemart has plenty of beautiful selections in stock. We have the best cloth napkins for everyday use and even more sophisticated alternatives for use as party napkins, available in a variety of high-quality materials, brilliant colors, and stunning designs.

Our textured linen napkins and premium polyester napkins exude a sense of understated elegance not found in other selections, and they look wonderful in practically almost any table setting. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of cool hues, making them ideal for mixing and matching if you can't decide.

Whether you use them every day or only for extremely special home events such as thanksgiving cloth napkins or holiday cloth napkins, our seamless velvet napkins, satin napkins, and pintuck napkins are as classic and exquisite as they come. These table napkins are available in a wide range of colors, from moderate yellow cloth napkins to vivid blue cloth napkins, it is easy to find one that matches your flatware.

These adaptable table accents are simple to fold and display beside or on top of your favorite plates or chargers, and they make a big effect. By adding a stylish napkin holder to your reusable napkins, you can easily transition from informal dining to specialty meals. You may dress up each dish with a beautiful napkin in colors that complement your dinnerware and centerpiece, with designs ranging from traditional to contemporary.

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