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Flowers are the soul and spirit of any décor, without an amazing bouquet or some single stems; the arrangement you’ll make will be dull. At the same time, the sleekest and most modern arrangements in stylish vases lack color and exotic affairs without our floral supplies. Imitating the natural coloration and construction of real flowers, our artificial flowers don’t wilt or wither and therefore continue oozing timeless radiance and eternal bloom into your space.

Whether you want to include the blossomy flair to amaze the guests or to adorn the venue, lay the base with floral foam, our green wet floral foam bricks not only hold your DIY floral arrangements but also hydrate fresh flowers without any drainage.

To add a ravishing rustic touch, incorporate our natural jute twine rope which is an ideal accessory for arts and crafts, gift wrapping, packaging, gardening, and DIY creations. Environment-friendly, durable, and sturdy; it offers a range of applications for embellishing jars, candle holders, hanging terrariums and lanterns, custom decorations, and art products. If you want to give a sleek voguish touch to your décor, then use our satin rattail cord from our floral supplies, available in myriads of hues featuring a shimmery finish and exquisite style.

Our soft and flexible invisible hanging wire gives a magical floating feel and hangs pictures, and planters, and is perfect for windows and curtain treatments. It may be used to create magical backdrops by hanging balloons, flower garlands, LED fairy lights, and greenery chains with tassels and ribbons to add color and charisma to the vertical garden. Whereas our floral tape is ideal to be used as an adhesive to glue flower bouquets, corsages, backdrops, or wreaths; to make crafting and decorating a fun experience.

We strive to make your experience hassle-free and enjoyable with our gorgeous range of floral supplies to satiate your creative instincts. With our huge collection, in no time ordinary silk rose and flower stems centerpieces can be transformed into a masterpiece. Visit our entire range, we offer exceptional quality products at reasonable price tags. Check out our florist supplies line and artificial flowers to breathe life and freshness into your home and event décor.



1. How to use floral foam in a vase ?

Ans: One of the most significant florist tools you'll need to make DIY flower arrangements are foam bricks. This green wet foam for flowers can be cut into any form, making it ideal for use as pot or basket filler. They primarily act as a stabilizer for flower stems, keeping them upright so you may construct the desired design. Furthermore, this flower arrangement foam keeps moisture, extending the life of fresh flowers.

A flower foam won't fit into most decorative containers or vases because of its brick shape, so you'll have to carefully cut it to fit. To produce a full effect and the illusion of more flowers in a tight space, make sure the wet floral foam is a few inches higher in shallow containers. For small bowls, you can secure the flower display with a few strips of waterproof clear tape. 

For deep vessels and containers, trim the four corners of the wet foam just enough to achieve clearance into the vase. It's not necessary to trim it into an exact shape to match the vase's opening or fill huge containers with it. Instead, add a filler like pearl beads, sand, or craft stones to fill the vase's bottom.

2.  What can I use instead of floral wire ?

Ans: In flower design, a florist wire gauge can be used to strengthen and lengthen the stem so that it sits firmly on the floral brick. When working on a more complicated centerpiece, some florists use it to manipulate resistant stems. But what if you run out of green floral wires in the middle of a flower arrangement? What can you use as a substitute that is nearly as good?

If you want to add succulents to your arrangements or make wreaths, floral tape can be a good alternative to floral wire. If you like to make hand-tied flowers, jute twine is also beneficial. Rubber bands work nicely as well, although a twine string is less likely to damage the stems.

3. Where to buy floral supplies ?

Ans: Is home decorating a hobby of yours? If that's the case, eHomemart has everything you need to turn your indoor retreat into natural beauty. You'll find the perfect floral arrangement supplies and materials from our collection to get the job done, whether you're making a flower arrangement for a get-together or just want to make some unique home centerpiece.

To improve your chances of having a well-organized arrangement, invest in high-quality and appropriate flower arranging supplies. That does not, however, imply that you must spend a lot of money to get started with your floral decoration. To make bouquets, table centerpieces, and floral wreaths, all you need are some basic flower supplies like a bouquet holder and invisible craft wire.

Whether you are a seasoned home decorator or just starting your floral craft to maintain the elegance in your home, we have the flower accessories you need for this endeavor and a lot more at very reasonable prices.

4. Where to buy floral foam ?

Ans: Whether you have the best flowers or not, the stability and attractiveness of your florals will have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your floral arrangements. That's why we suggest perusing our green foam for flowers, which can be used as flower base for your vibrant blooms and greenery, allowing you to create a stunning home floral display.

We have three kinds of flower arrangement foam options to choose from, ranging from foam craft balls which are used to make pomanders, floral foam bricks which you can trim into any shape or size to match the shape of your vessel, and a foam bouquet holder if you want to create a lovely cascading bouquet. Other than that, we also have most of the basic and essential florist supplies online for a variety of applications, which can be used to enhance and elevate your flower decorations to the next level. 

5. Where can I buy green floral tape ?

Ans: Our professional-grade paper floral stem tape is a must-have if you prefer to wire and tape floral designs. With this green floral adhesive, create realistic flower stems, wrap and bind silk, dried, or fresh flowers, and make beautiful flower crowns and many other floral novelties. 

It's available in gold, but most florists use green so it can blend in and disguise the mechanics of your arrangement. This non sticky, pressure sealing flower tape is also surprisingly very easy to use and you won't ever have to worry about making a mess.

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