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Want to illume your home exterior with scintillating outdoor lights to exude a glowing radiance when the sun goes down? Look no further than our impressive collection of decorative backyard lights and outdoor home lighting accessories to stylishly deck out all your outdoor spaces accentuating your lighting design up by several notches!

Whether you’re looking to bring your backyard to life for a nighttime house party or you want to brighten up your front porch and entrance to guide your guests to the front door, illuminate your otherwise dull and dreary home exterior with gleaming patio lights and outdoor hanging lights. 

Suspend our incandescent bulb string lights all over the place or wrap them around tree trunks and bushes to instantly glam things up. Moreover, also pave the pathway with warm white solar disk pathway garden lights to add a soft glowing radiance. Got an outdoor pool area? Line the pool edge with our waterproof LED ball pool lights and watch the colorful light reflect off the ripples emanating a mesmeric allure. 

However, if you want to add a vintage flair to your outdoor home decor to match with your vintage style interior design, decorate your patio with several rose gold metal outdoor candle lanterns in varying sizes for a dazzling visual appeal. The patina on these rose gold lanterns and the antique charm combined with fluttering candlelight are bound to ooze oodles of glamour and splendor.

Made from top quality materials to withstand harsh weather changes, eHomemart’s riveting collection of outdoor lights and outdoor home lighting accents are perfect for all your outdoor lighting decor needs! Browse through our range to creatively light up your home exterior with solar powered LED lights and garden lights. Visit us now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to light up your garden at night ?

Ans: When darkness is your canvas, selecting the perfect outdoor home lighting scheme for the home means creating an atmosphere without the risk of stumbling in the dark.

Using led outdoor house lights and decorative solar garden lights to outline your flower beds and pathways gives you a sense of overall space and proportion in your night garden, while also preventing you and your family from stumbling over in the darkness.

Due to its height and spread, an attractive tree is an excellent focal point for your night garden by decorating it with our outdoor icicle lights, creating an atmosphere for your outdoor bash or just a pleasant sight as you sit on your porch and enjoy a drink.

Choose from our all-weather outdoor led string lights that create a magical display, or go for our led solar pathway lights and LED pool light, an easier option that requires no climbing. For a flexible solution to lighting your steps, you can always opt for some well-placed tea lights in our metal candle lanterns.

2. What are the best solar lights for garden ?

Ans: There are many places on the outside of your home where you may want to install solar garden lights, along pathways, doors, and stairs, just to name a few, but it can be tricky to find outlets for all of these accessories, especially if it’s far from your house. This is why many people turn to solar powered outdoor lights.

Our premium solar disk lights are the best solar lights for your garden because they are constructed with a weather-resistant design, come with a built-in light sensor, are easy to install, and specially built for long-term use.

3. Where to buy outdoor patio lights ?

Ans: If you're looking for outdoor patio lights that are exceptionally versatile, then eHomemart is the best place to shop from! Whether you’re looking to light a pathway with solar outdoor pathway lighting, liven up a patio area with outdoor porch lights, or help keep your family safe while providing an inviting environment for your front porch, our collection of outdoor home lighting and exterior porch lights will bring elegance and functionality to any home or space.

4. What are the best led outdoor lights ?

Ans: With the wide range of outdoor LED lighting options available from eHomemart, it can seem overwhelming at first, so we suggest that you start by imagining your space and the atmosphere you want to create.

Our beautiful patio string lights are the icing on a well-decorated patio. With these LED outdoor house lights, you can provide mood lighting for your garden while creating a relaxing space for your family and friends to hang out. These exterior house lights are also weather-resistant for year-round use, and you can connect up to three wires from one end to the other.

On the other hand, our outdoor metal lanterns offer a soft yet glamorous accent lighting by hanging them from tree branches, archways, windows, or on any flat surface as a standalone accent piece.

LED garden lights like our disc solar garden light provide soft to moderately bright landscapes and help you navigate paths while attractively highlighting them. Install on both sides of walkways, along with steps, and/or around garden beds to highlight their form.

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