Are Blackout Curtains A Good Idea?

Nothing beats the grandiose of beautifully hung curtains when it comes to transforming a bedroom or living room into an epitome of tranquil luxury and comfort. They’re like a work of art that adds layers of softness and coziness pulling all your decorative accents together. Whether you want to add some color and texture to complement your interior or simply need a remedy for a pitch-black bedroom with minimal amount of light and sound coming through the windows, blackout curtains are what you should use to give your room a makeover. What’ll entice you even more about incorporating these room darkening curtains in your home décor is how these plush drapes create a warm, soothing ambiance welcoming you after a long, stressful day at work. And if you’re still wondering are blackout curtains a good idea, we’ll help you find curtains and drapes that’ll amaze you with their alluring charm.


What Does A Blackout Curtain Do?

There is no denying the fact that curtains can make or break the entire look and feel of your room. They add a touch of class and sophistication to your home without having to spend a fortune on achieving the desired look. However, choosing the right fabric can be tough when you have a wide range of textiles, styles, and patterns available. If you’re looking for affordable window treatments that let you sleep better and preserve your privacy while also adding oodles of elegance to your room, blackout curtains are a no-brainer. These thermal curtains are crafted with an incredible triple weave technology for a significant reduction in light and sound that may intrude on your privacy otherwise. You may treat your windows with a seasonal update by draping them with our blush embossed blackout curtains, mint green lattice print polyester linen blackout curtains, or chevron design thermal blackout curtains while also adding a modish appeal to your home decor.

Do Blackout Curtains Go Inside Or Outside?

It is a popular trend to layer blackout curtains with sheer curtains for adding style and elegance to any room. You may choose to place the heavier drapes over the sheer ones and keep the outer layer open to control the amount of light entering the room at different times of the day or cover the heavy blackout drapes with a decorative sheer layer to soften the visual appeal. You can also pair neutral-colored blackout curtains with light-colored sheer curtains to create a traditional look or choose bold-colored blackout curtains for a dramatic effect. However, be mindful of how you layer blackout drapes with sheer curtain panels as it might create conflicting patterns and color clashing if you don’t balance the visual appeal.

Are there Any Additional Accents To Enhance Blackout Curtains?

If you’re looking for ideas to jazz up existing blackout drapes, we have an amazing collection of valance curtains that’ll work as an additional window treatment to control the light coming through the top and sides of the blackout curtains. Feel free to match our pretty-colored window scarf valance with your curtain panels and say no to unwanted light seeping into your interiors for having quality sleep patterns.


If you’re intrigued by blackout curtains and want to give your room a cozy makeover for summers this year, go ahead and prioritize your much-needed comfort over everything else. Let us know if you have any other fancy ways in mind for draping your windows with our classy curtains? We’d love to learn more about your valuable thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!