Chic Ways To Use Mason Jars In The Kitchen

If your kitchen has been feeling a little disordered recently, it might be time to undertake some little organization with common household items. Mason jars are one of those must-have kitchen accessories that can store almost anything and manage your kitchen in the utmost professional way. Made out of hard-wearing glass or plastic, these small mason jars are known as those go-to containers that can hold anything whether they are fruits, vegetables, homemade goodies, or any kind of liquids. Although their functionality in kitchen is way ahead of any other item, but you can use these mason jars canisters in many other ways in the kitchen too. Want to know some chic ways to use mason jars in the kitchen? Spark up your creativity as we have listed some cool ideas about what to put in mason jars in your kitchen.

mason jars

For Organizing Dry Goods

Give yourself a hassle-free and relaxing cooking time by having easy access to the basic ingredients that you need in your daily cooking and enjoy preparing tasty food for your family. Our Mason jar canisters are made out of high-grade materials with an airtight lid and a wide mouth that makes them outstanding, mouse-and-bug resistant storing jars. A decent supply of dry goods like grains, beans, rice, sugar, cereals, oatmeal, herbs, spices, baking supplies, flour, nuts, dry fruits, tea, & coffee can be stored in our 4 oz mini mason jars. Classify them with chalkboard labels to make them easier to recognize and have a quick grab without a long search. To take your kitchen aesthetics a notch higher, stylishly line up these small glass jars on open shelves or behind glass cupboards to create uniformity in your kitchen.

For Keeping Kitchen Utensils Handy

Use mason jars with lids as a utensil organizer and fill them up with wooden spoons, spatulas, or tongs to get easy and quick access while cooking. By removing their lids, these large mason jars can be kept right near the stove to give you the handiness of having your desired utensils within arm’s reach just when you want them.

As A Change Keeper Dish

Once we are back from the hectic grocery shopping we tend to drop our loose change on the kitchen counter. Why not put them in an interesting change keeper dish. Well, another cool way to use Mason jar canisters in the kitchen is by turning them into fun piggy banks. Yes, these decorative jars will be a cool addition to your kitchen and by customizing their lids or even the glass jars with twine you can give them a special touch. By using varying mason jars sizes you can easily keep the pennies sorted and save.

As A Hand and Dish Clean Dispenser

The kitchen is meant to be one of the hygienic places in the house and through these multi-purpose mason jars, you can create some super stylish hand clean dispensers to keep the sanitation level right up there. Simply get hold of your old soap dispenser lid and insert it in these storage jars to create a counter friendlier look. Make your DIY hand soap, liquid dish soap dispensers, and choose the color of the soap that matches the décor to bring a cheerful flair in your kitchens. You can also add lotion to these decorative jars to keep your hands moist after every dishwashing.

Tempting Delights For Kids

Turn your kitchen into a candy land for your kids by filling these small mason jars with sweet delights and set them at the counter table for them to enjoy to the fullest. Jellies, beans, chocolate chips, marshmallows, mini coco bars, truffles, & other bounties will be enough to give your kitchen a sweet feel. The leak-proof attribute of our plastic sphere mason jars will perfectly keep your goodies secure and fresh.

As Floral Vase For Kitchen Counter

Mason jar canisters can turn into super stylish floral vases, simply arrange your fresh flowers and cut the stem to the length that fits your mason jar, and pop them inside to create an instant flower bouquet. You can also turn these small mason jars into lovely planters, for that you simply have to fill them with decorative stones or sand along with artificial plants and there you go, a stunning mason jar kitchen decor is ready in no time. You can also choose our stylish carafes for flaunting pretty floral and even choosing colored mason storage jars will add a splash of color to the space. Display them on your kitchen countertops, window sills, or sink area and ooze refreshing floral flair all around your kitchen space.

For Storing Leftovers & Freezing Food

We all have some kind of leftover food in our fridge and to store these leftovers we often look for small mason jars containers. Well, another productive use of mason storage jars is to keep your leftovers stored in the fridge. The airtight lid of these clear glass jars will keep your food fresh without getting contaminated. If you want to freeze your food like stews or soups, these wide mouth glass jars are perfect containers to hold, but make sure that you leave at least two inches of space between the jar's top and whatever you're filling it with as the frozen liquids expand and can make the glass storage jars crack.

As A Drink Holder

Keep yourself hydrated all day long in a super cool way by using mason jars as your new drink holder. Our Mason jar containers are a perfect combination of style, strength, and practicality and will leave you with no worry about harmful chemicals that are there in plastic water bottles. These small jars with lids can also be used as a travel cup for water, juices, milkshakes, & smoothies.

When it comes to using small mason jars with lids in the kitchen, the possibilities are endless. We hope that with these ideas to use Mason jars around your kitchen, you surely want to spruce up your kitchen décor and arrangement in a chic manner. Make these Mason jar canisters a must-have part of your kitchen and exhibit a style statement.