Do Fake Plants Have Health Benefits?

Plants are spectacular natural decor accessories that can enhance the visual appeal and liven up any indoor space. But bringing indoor plants into your home doesn’t only spruce up your interior design; it has several health benefits too! Multiple studies and researches have proven that being surrounded by houseplants has a significant impact on both mental and physical health. It is no secret that real plants clean toxic chemicals from the air that helps in improving physical health while caring for live plants promotes emotional well-being, but the question is do fake plants have health benefits? Well, it turns out, they do! Since most of the health benefits of plants come from just seeing them in your surroundings, it is safe to say that having fake plants that look real nearby also has a positive impact on your physiological and psychological health. Here are some of the health benefits of decorating your space with beautiful artificial plants.


Reduced Stress Levels

The lush green hues, dynamic dimensions, and textures of shiny artificial decorative plants all combine to exude a soothing and refreshing aura that creates a sense of serenity. Thus, positioning a few fake potted plants in your home or office can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Use big leafy plants such as our monstera plant or install artificial greenery panels on your wall to usher in a refreshing vibe that’ll help release tension and improve your state of mind.

Enhanced Productivity

Since artificial indoor plants help lower anxiety and stress hormone levels, using them in work place settings is an effective way to enhance your productivity and creativity. Simply bedecking decorative pots, vases, or planters with a mix of faux succulent plants, silk flowering plants, and evergreen leafy plants and placing them on your office desk improves your memory, increases your attention span, and helps clear your mind which in turn boosts efficiency and nurture innovative and creative ideas.

Improved Mood

Decorating your indoor spaces with plants and greenery help beat the blues and imbue a positive vibe that leads to reduced mood swings. Lush evergreen plants such as our green lemon leaf artificial sprays and plants with bright florals such as our realistic-looking artificial assorted tulips usher in a cheerful and peppy appeal that lifts the spirits and brings happiness and joy to your life.

While real plants will always have an edge over fake houseplants, it is important to note that live plants are not always the best choice for you if you’re sensitive to pollens or have a black thumb. Thus, artificial plants are the best alternative to effectively reap the advantages of plants. Did this blog enlighten you about the health benefits of having faux indoor plants? Let us know in the comments below!