Hottest Wedding Colors and Combinations Trending In 2021!

Just as picking a specific color combination is the key to a well-planned and sophisticated interior design, colors also play a crucial role in setting the scene and tone for the wedding design. Thus, choosing wedding colors is usually one of the first details brides and couples consider when planning their wedding day. After all, defining your color palette right from the start makes everything else effortlessly fall in line. However, when it comes to finding a blend that strikes the perfect balance between eccentric and elegant (since no one wants their wedding scene to be flat out boring or on the other side of the spectrum— visually jarring) you can never go wrong with a color palette that focuses on one or two main hues and incorporates a couple of supporting tints that’ll help meld those focal colors together seamlessly! Ahead, we’ve gathered a few such wedding color schemes with all the exhaustive details to inspire couples who are planning to walk down the aisle this year. Just keep on reading and find a color combination that works for you!

1.     Navy Blue, Dusty Blue & Light Blue

2021 wedding colors

If mixing and matching a lot of different hues to create a wedding color palette sounds a bit intimidating because it all depends on efficiently balancing the colors you decide to use in your wedding design, going for a tonal color palette is surely worth considering as it comes with its own benefits. And when it comes to picking a color with a wide range of variations, no one does it better than blue! Pair the tints on the blue gradient scale in any way you want and you’ll always end up with a color palette that is chic and aesthetically pleasing.

Here we have incorporated three iterations of blue ranging from cool light blue and sophisticated dusty blue to rich darker shades that harmonized perfectly well with the white and green accents. While the light blue tablecloths paired with the popular navy blue runners and greenery vines exuded an edgy yet refreshingly modish appeal, the dusty blue chair sashes accented with a green sprig and dusty blue satin napkins adorned with ornate pearl and rhinestone brooches infused that glamorous oomph factor into the wedding design.

However, to incorporate sheer elegance and style into the wedding decor, the navy blue organza wine bags holding the wine/water bottles were a great addition to the table decor. Whereas, the lovely white chiffon curtains helped seamlessly blend the light, dark, and every shade in between into one cohesive theme. These classic yet refined blue wedding colors will make the ideal color palette all year round regardless of the season!

2.     Dusty Rose, Rose Gold & Burgundy

2021 wedding colors

Dusty rose has taken over the wedding industry in recent months and has no intention of giving up the title of the hottest wedding color anytime soon, for what we suspect; it might as well become an even bigger player in the 2021 wedding trends. Boasting warmth and elegance like none other, this subdued yet enchanting shade of pink undoubtedly ranks equal to the popular blush hue (if not higher) on the current wedding color trends list. But what’s really interesting about dusty rose is that it can hold on its own not only at a romantic themed wedding but also at a bold and contemporary affair when paired with richer tones like burgundy. Add in a hint of shimmering metallic gold to the mix and you have a color palette that oozes romance, glamour, and extravagance!

As floral decorations can gracefully carry all the colors in the palette, the look of a dusty rose silk peony flower bouquet with green foliage and pops of burgundy, ivory, and rose gold rosebuds and peonies is absolutely stunning and works great for the bridal bouquet and other floral arrangements. However, to bring a bit of sparkle and drama center stage, we’ve used our tall rose gold flower ball stands that have added gorgeous dimension to the floral table decor.

However, to incorporate a little texture into the wedding design, we’ve brought in our rose gold reef textured charger plates and coupled them with dusty rose napkins adorned with a single green foliage stem that has tied all the different elements together imparting a harmonized allure. Considering that the wedding colors should be reflected in all the aspects of the decor, outfitting the chairs with dusty rose chair covers was what helped reinforce this mesmeric shade into the wedding color story.

3.     Dusty Blue, Green & Gold

2021 wedding colors

For couples who want to personalize their wedding color story to create an unconventional color scheme, a dusty blue palette with green hues threaded throughout and gold serving as the accent shade is definitely worth a shot. Interesting but not too out-there, this trio of colors would fit just as well at a spring garden wedding as it would at a summer or fall backyard affair!

Be it the bridesmaid’s gowns, the groom’s suit, or the wedding arch decor, there is no denying the fact that dusty blue is one of those colors that can be incorporated in all aspects of the big day decor. But our preferred way of using it in a wedding design is with dusty blue table linens. Whereas, there is nothing better than a bunch of long, wispy, artificial greenery garlands to infuse green hues into the color story.

With dusty blue and green as the focal colors of this majestic wedding color palette, the gold hues from the tall gold metal flower stands, metallic gold cage candle holders, white and gold flameless candles, and other gold accents have added that much needed pizzazz and oomph to the color scheme. Whereas, the silver hues from the dazzling silver mirrored diamond beaded chargers, hammered design silver plates, and silverware matched oh-so perfectly with the dusty blue tones. This color pairing is unique and classy making this combo truly a match made in heaven!

All the wedding theme colors featured in this blog are bound to exude an elegant and romantic flair regardless of the season and locality. No wonder they are expected to be huge trends in 2021. Which of these color combinations do you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below!