How Can I Decorate My Anniversary At Home?

When it comes to celebrating a wedding anniversary, those overly advertised and expensive holiday trips, fancy dinners, and flashy gifts that come with the promise of making the day extra special might lure you in spending the big bucks but you don’t need to drop a whole lot of change to mark the occasion and make it memorable. Since this day is all about spending some quality time with your beloved reminiscing about the day you tied the knot, there’s no better place than your home to do that. Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary or your 50th, a little creative effort on your part and some delightful party decorations are all you need to delightfully honor the day and make it exceptional. So, if you’re sold on the idea of staying in to celebrate your next milestone but thinking about how can I decorate my anniversary at home without breaking the bank or tiring yourself out, we’ve got you covered! With our impressive range of enchanting decorations and disposable party supplies available at affordable prices, decking up your space for any special occasion has never been easier! Scroll down below and get inspired by some stunning decor ideas featuring our amazing party supplies to effortlessly transform your home into a blissful and romantic retreat for the day!

anniversary decoration

Beautify The Walls

One of the easiest ways to elevate your home decor up a notch is to spruce up the dull and boring wall space. Whether you have a large bare wall staring at you in the bedroom or there’s an empty spot above the living room fireplace mantel, adding a little something to it will create a riveting focal point accentuating your overall interior design to the next level. If you want to add a perky appeal to your anniversary decoration, we suggest you accent your wall with our colored peel and stick foam brick tiles or grass wall panels and further adorn them with high-quality paper decorations such as paper pinwheels or large wall flowers to brighten up the space for the celebration. However, if you’re looking for something elegant and chic, mount our sleek floating shelves onto the wall and perch a couple of heart-shaped accent pieces on top to bring in a romantic flair to your anniversary decoration at home. Moreover, you can also align a trio of varying-sized heart-shaped wall mirrors on your wall to add a contemporary touch to your decor.

Set Up A Table For Two

While going out to a fancy restaurant may be the first thing you might think when considering your options on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary, we’ll be the first to burst the bubble that dining out and trying to build intimacy in between several stranger eyes peering at you is definitely a mood killer. So, if you’re planning to surprise the love of your life with something romantic and meaningful, host a romantic date night at home and set up a table just for the two of you in the middle of your living room to rekindle the love and passion. You can even recreate your wedding menu or bake your wedding cake (if you’re really ambitious) together with your spouse to make it fun and interesting. But in case you’re worried about spending the entire following day cleaning up, opt for disposable party supplies to make things easier. Explore our amazing collection of chic plastic table covers to elegantly dress up your table and use our high-quality disposable dinnerware to serve your meal in style. From metallic gold & rose gold and vibrant colors to exquisite styles and designs, we offer a wide range of plastic tableware and paper napkins to help you set up a gorgeous-looking tablescape according to your taste and style!

However, if you and your spouse are big on watching your carbon footprint and searching for disposable party supplies that are eco-friendly, then our bamboo disposable party supplies are the ideal choice for you.  And since a nature-inspired rustic setup featuring sylvan accents, scenic backgrounds, and low lighting screams nothing but romance, take the celebration out the back door and ditch the table covers altogether leaving your wooden table bare to create the perfect rustic tablescape for your anniversary date night. Keep the rustic theme going and choose disposable birchwood dinner plates, cutlery, and napkin rings for added bucolic flair while making clean up a cinch and also taking care of Mother Nature. 

Get Creative With DIY Crafts

If you really want to impress your spouse and finally show them the artistic skills you’ve been bragging about since your wedding day, your anniversary is definitely the time to go all out with DIY crafts and decorations! Elevate your anniversary party decorations at home and create adorable lighted hanging garlands using our clip string lights and disposable paper napkins shaped into hearts to add a soft romantic glow to your ambiance. If you’re one of those hopeless romantics who cannot get enough of the heart-shaped decorations, try making embellished heart ornaments using heart mirrors in varying sizes and adhering red or pink foam craft roses along with diamond rhinestones all around the edges for a stunning anniversary decoration. Moreover, create a lovely centerpiece by arranging plush feather plumes, silk flower stems, and paper heart cutouts with heartfelt notes in a sleek metallic gold vase to infuse a dramatic and personalized flair into your anniversary table decorations.

With these enticing yet simple anniversary decoration ideas at home, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your day special and memorable. How are you going to celebrate your wedding anniversary this year? We would love to hear all about your plans and decor ideas in the comments section below!