How Can I Make A New Year’s Eve Special At Home?

The reason why the birth of a New Year is treated with special celebrations all over the globe is the fact that it brings lots of hope and positive vibes into everyone’s lives. And there is no other special way to welcome it with a stunning New Year’s Eve party at your home sweet home with your loved ones around. But this might make you ask yourself, how can I make a New Year’s Eve special at home? Dismiss your worries and visit Ehomemart right away. With a mind-blowing range of premium décor items available at stunning offers and deals, decking up your home with glorious adornments as part of the New Year’s Eve traditions can be very easy. Embellishing your abode with décor arrangements for a fantastic and happy New Year’s Eve can make the party all the more scintillating. So, let’s check out some striking ideas about what to do on New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve

Add Alluring Radiance And Illumination

Welcoming the New Year with a bright ambiance and illuminated allure can be a brilliant idea to make your New Year’s Eve party all the more stunning. Having fun and laughing with loved ones and friends around in the company of some gorgeous embellishments can just elevate the vibe of your New Year’s Eve to a different level. The most prominently used and yet a décor item that works like a charm every time is the battery operated LED curtain fairy lights. Be it to accentuate the walls of your abode or the open spaces such as the backyard, patio, porch, garden, or anywhere else these LED string lights can be your perfect option. Using the wide flat mesh ribbon LED lights in combination with the string lights can be even more relishing as they can make up for a visual spectacle. However, if you wish to add more grace to your New Year’s Eve party décor, use our lavish-looking rose gold LED leaves string lights that can be the cynosure of all the eyes elevating your overall decorations tenfold.

Opt For Stunning Décor Items For The Dinner Table

Executing chic and creative New Year’s Eve dinner ideas should be your priority next to artistic decorations. Especially, if your plan is to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids and loved ones, then including tasty treats and delicacies such as candies and cupcakes should be a “must-have” on your party planning list. And to serve them with ease, set up a dessert station and host the treats on top of our beautiful 5 tier scallop edge riser display stand and 3 tier floral print plastic riser display stand. If you would prefer to use some eye-catching metallic shimmer while executing your chic New Year’s Eve dinner ideas, then include our tall gold metal tiered hexagonal display stand as well. Planning a New Year’s Eve with kids and family cannot get any better than creating an amazing dessert station setup that will make the serving process effortless.

Add Some Charming Glitter And Shimmer To Your Décor

Any party setup would not feel complete without enticing decorations. Be it latex balloons or Mylar balloons that symbolize alphabets and numbers, a charming balloon display will be an enthralling sight for everyone. But making those balloons look all glammed up with a glittery appeal can uplift the vibe of your happy New Year’s Eve to a whole new level of grandeur. Use our extra fine craft glitter powder to fill up some clear balloons and tie them to the ceiling and walls of your interior space. If you wish to include more alluring and shimmering decorations as part of the New Year’s traditions, then use our art and craft glitter glue to make vibrant designs on the balloons. As the New Year’s countdown nears to mark the birth of the New Year, celebrating it by popping glitter-filled balloons can be highly enlivening.


A befitting end to the present year with an exciting New Year’s Eve party with family and friends can lead to many memorable moments. Especially, when you have planned a New Year’s Eve with kids around, it cannot get any more fun and merrier as the clock ticks to start off the New Year’s Eve countdown. Do comment your thoughts about how else will you execute creative ideas while you plan what to do on New Year’s Eve at your home!