How Do I Keep My Drink Dispenser Cold?

For those who trendily want to show off their drinks, a drink dispenser is a modish, mess-free, and protected beverage solution. Glass drink dispensers are durable and can keep your drinks cold for longer hours, but when it’s hot and you want to keep your drinks cold without refilling them with ice, it becomes a tricky call. If you are concerned about ‘How do I keep my drink dispenser cold?’ read along as we are sharing some clever ideas that will help you keep your icy beverages chilled and icy for long!

Drink Dispenser

Add Frozen Fruits!

A clever way of keeping your drink dispenser cool is by using frozen fruits & vegetables. For instance, frozen slices of lemon, oranges, grapefruits, cucumbers, or even whole grapes will help to keep your drinks cool and refreshing. Whether it’s wine, sangria, or any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic fruit-based drinks, using freeze items will surely keep your drink dispenser cold for long hours.

Ice Cores For Dispensers!

Keep your drink dispenser cold by infusing detachable chambers filled with ice and add an extra flavor to your drinks. These ice cores are easily available in glass, stainless steel, and polycarbonate materials and are highly convenient in use and make the cleaning process a breeze.

Use Mason Jars!

Whether you are serving boozy beverages or any flavored brews, keeping them cool for a long time in a drink dispenser is an impossible task. If you are using a glass drink dispenser with stand at home, get mason jars and dunk them in a bucket of cold water or ice, this will keep your drinks chilled, and the water can later be re-used for watering plants.

Use Towels & Socks!

For any outdoor space like a river, stream, lake, garden, or even by the poolside, keeping the drink dispenser cool for a long time is a little tough. One way of speeding up its coolness is by wrapping it with a towel or a sock submerged in cool water, leaving the drink in water for few minutes will give it a chance to stay cool.

Stainless Steel Cubes!

Another easy way of keeping the drinks cold in a glass drink dispenser is by using stainless steel cubes that are safe to use and easy to manage. These cubes are easily available in the market and are made from high-grade stainless steel that is used in most medical or dental tools.


We hope that with this blog post you have got enough ideas on how to keep your drink dispenser cold. If you have any other idea don’t hesitate to share with us in the box below!