How Do I Make My House Feel Summery?

Summer decorations are all about highlighting bold and bright hues against softer shades. So, if you’re planning to refresh and revitalize your space, gather all the beautiful, lively colors, pretty prints, and seasonal flowers to brighten up your summer home decor. Not only will the bright colors add an extra pop of summertime flair to your decor but will also bring joy and happiness into your space. Whether you want to swap in fresh flowers and greenery to bring some summer magic inside or want to create a beachy house vibe using wooden accents, the key is to invite as much light into the room as possible while also creating a contrasting scheme to achieve the desired aesthetic. Still wondering how do I make my house feel summery? These summer decor ideas will inspire you to create a lovely space so you enjoy all that the season has to offer.


Add Pops Of Green Against Softer Whitewashed Accents

Incorporating different shades of green can feel incredibly fresh no matter what you complement them with as the cool green hues popping against whitewashed accents or pastel-colored flowers always add a soft contrast creating a balanced space. It really doesn’t matter if you cannot maintain fresh greenery around the house as there are plenty of options to install fake greenery wall panels for creating an easy, breezy vibe. You may even accent your living room decor with a silk rose flower wall or use it as the backdrop for your dining table. Next, create a centerpiece with a whitewashed planter box filled with fresh or artificial flowers to complete your summer dining room table decor. While you may choose any contrast for your floral arrangement, cream orchids and blush tulips will look absolutely gorgeous dawning a vase in the dining room.


Add Colorful Summer Decor Accents

Even though you have all the freedom to weave in your favorite pastel pops all around the home in any season, it is better to opt for bold and bright colors to make perfect summer decor. It can be anything like displaying a colorful bunch of peonies in a white hexagonal planter, adding shimmery sequin cushions in the living room, or creating a bright spot in the house using glass wall mirrors for an elegant look. Since summer is the perfect time to revive all the colorful charms, you can also make fun garlands using fluffy pom pom flower balls and add them to your mantelshelf decor or hang them on the front door for a quick makeover.

Summer is also the ideal time to mix and match different patterns and textures with energizing colors. So, make sure to take full advantage of what this lovely season has to offer. Even though feathers won’t be the first thing that comes to your mind while brainstorming summer home décor ideas, they’ll actually work wonders by adding liveliness to the interior design in the most unexpected way.

Another easy way to spruce up and style your space for this wonderful season is to accent the living room wall with string lights and a bright, beautiful painting for a fresh new look. Choose whatever matches your style to give your home a fresh summery appeal. 


Create A Beach-Themed Summer Look

Summer decor is incomplete without some beach fun. You can create a fascinating summer backdrop in your living room or bedroom, place a rustic wooden lantern on the fireplace mantel, and add some sea shells to your candle display for a perfect beach-themed décor scheme evoking a sense of summer style. For the dining table decor, you can use a driftwood candle holder as a centerpiece or even create a DIY piece of artwork using scrap wood to make something unique. Geometric prints are also a popular choice for most décor styles as they add a pop of color and pattern to your lackluster space. So, you can even use chevron print curtains with shabby-chic toned furniture to infuse a modern touch into your boring space while elevating the aesthetics of your interior design up a notch.


Prepare A Pretty Table For A Tea Party

Tablescaping is one pretty way to honor summer in its true colors. You can lay a lovely table setup for a summer tea party by draping pattered linens along with mercury glass vases, and plenty of florals to create a relaxed ambiance. There’s no need to be afraid of experimenting with florals and glass as they make a beautiful combo for your summer dining room table decor. You can place a single pink rose stem in a tall glass vase or any bottle you have at home and corral them in the middle of your table or line them up atop a console table to create a simple and impactful look.  

The secret tip to creating a perfect summery look is using white as the base color to invite as much natural light into any room. Bring in brighter hues when there is a lighter base to balance out everything and try not to overcrowd the space with a lot of summer decorations. Or if it’s a bright yellow or bold pink backdrop, choose white or neutral shades of decor to balance the interior design. So, are you going to refresh your house this summer season?  Let us know in the comments section below!