How Do I Make My Room Look Like Winter Wonderland?

Winter is the most festive season of the year as it brings happiness, warmth, and hopefulness. To celebrate this season, revamp your home using winter decorations to make it look festive, cozy, and inviting. The winter wonderland is a perfect theme for the winter home decor, so this year, bring a magical touch of winter wonderland to your bedroom. Now, you might be thinking how do I make my room look like winter wonderland? Add winter decorations in the hues of white while dispersing hints of gold or silver to imitate the beauty of a magical, breathtaking, and entrancing winter wonderland. Check out the splendid winter wonderland decoration ideas below to give your bedroom a wintry vibe!

winter decorations

Add Cozy Textures

To make your bedroom comfortable, warm, and cozy, add rich textures for a stunning appeal. Cover the windows with soft velvet curtains and spread a fur rug on the floor to impart impeccable elegance to the decor. Use a mix of throw pillow covers in different textures and patterns to dress up your cushions, and set them on the bed for added allure. You can use a combination of velvet with sequin or satin throw pillow covers for a perfect winter wonderland bedroom decor.

Decorate With Alluring Accents

Infuse the snowy appeal into your space by covering the walls with white peel and stick wall tiles and display pampas grass in flared neck vases to emanate a gorgeous flair. Arrange a faux olive vine on the headboard and set a gold decorative tray filled with potpourri on the nightstand adding a whimsical appeal to the decor. You can also place snowflakes, winter trees, and snowman in your room to create a magical wintry feel. Moreover, you can sprinkle our fake snow powder around the figurines to impart an icy-cool effect. 

Light Up The Candles

Illume your space with candles radiating warmth and a dramatic glow. Inset LED candles with string lights in clear display boxes and place them on the side tables to enhance your winter wonderland decor. Or display the LED pillar candles along with white painted pine cones in a gold metal decorative tray for a magical appeal. Furthermore, add depth and dimension by arranging silver cone top metal lanterns and setting candles along with fern leaves inside them to ooze oodles of panache and flair. 

Hang Sparkling Fairy Lights

Create a twinkling magical winter wonderland with fairy string lights. Impart a snowy effect with white sheer curtains along with blue string lights for an enchanting allure. If you want to create a soft whimsical vibe, suspend coiled copper spray strands or add some extra pizzazz with LED disco mirror ball lights oozing shimmer and glimmer.

Suspend Charming Snow Flakes

Craft spectacular snowflakes with paper and suspend them from the ceiling or attach them to the wall of your room for an amazing DIY winter wonderland decor. There are many ways to add snowflakes to your room decor like you can make a snowflake cushion using white buttons in different sizes, or create a snowflake garland with white paper doilies to impart an enchanting allure.


Imbue glam and warmth into your bedroom with charming winter decorations to take your decor up by several notches. So, how would you convert your room into a winter wonderland? Share your ideas with us in the comments box below!