How Do You Add An Accent To A Room?

When it comes to interior designing, the beauty is in the details! Adding a few decorative accent pieces to your home decor can create a distinctive visual interest that helps elevate your overall design to the next level. Whether you’re trying to spruce up your living room without making any drastic changes or you want to show off your unique personality and style, introducing enticing accent pieces into your space can really pep things up! Not sure how do you add an accent to a room? We’re here to help! Although there are plenty of decor supplies you can use to create a focal point in your room, we think nothing holds a candle to accent lighting. While ambient and task lighting cover the functional part of your home lighting design, accent lighting plays more of a decorative role and helps highlight the main features of your interior design. Read on and find some trendy accent lighting ideas to make your home decor stand out!  

accent lighting

Add A Warm Glow To The Table!

Decorating nightstands, coffee tables, dining tables, or home office tables with small accent table lights is a great way to add character and depth to your space. Brighten up your dining table with several LED candles carefully placed in the middle to emanate a soft radiance all over the tablescape. Whereas using candles or a pair of glass vases filled with fairy string lights on the console creates a warm welcome. However, if you want to add a charming accent to your vintage style living room, perch a mini accent table lamp or marquee letter lights on a wood and metal tripod accent table to usher in a lovely rustic flair.

Light Up The Walls!

While painted accent walls are a popular way to create a striking focal point in the room, adding accent lighting to the mix can take your room’s interior decor up a notch. Accentuate your living room design with wall accent lighting accessories such as wall sconces or graze the wall with uplights to bring out the unique texture or color of your feature wall.

In case you’re looking to highlight your prized wall paintings or art pieces, flank them with LED accent lights to draw more attention without damaging the artwork. However, to add accent lighting in your kitchen or bedroom, mount floating shelves on the wall and adorn them with decorative string lights to add a striking yet subtle glow to your space.

Play With Colored Lights To Set The Mood!

Accent lighting can transform the ambiance with a flip of the switch. Opt for colored LED accent lights to bring visual drama and set the mood in an interior space. For a romantic touch, zigzag pink starry string lights on the bedroom wall behind the headboard. However, if you’re trying to uplift the holiday spirit, deck out the fireplace mantel with red and green LED lights or use greenery garland string lights to set a festive tone.

If you thought painting an accent wall is the only way to add contrast to your room interior, it’s time to think again! Home accent lighting is an easy and elegant way to impart a radiant pop to your space. So, what are you going to use to add an accent to your room? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!