How Do You Build A Mirror Wall?

Mirror walls are back in fashion as they instantly transform the look of any surroundings. Many people do not dare to install mirrors on their walls as they are under the misconception that all mirrors are costly, but it is not true. The cost of decorating with a wall mirror depends on several factors like the complexity of installation, type of mirrors used (carved or decorated), etc. If you find the look of mirror walls hard to resist, worry not. There are a lot of options available today in the market, from clean and cheap to modern and luxe. Here, we’re sharing with you some of the tips that you can use to build a mirror wall within your budget.

wall mirror

Supplies needed to make your mirror wall

  • Boxes of framed or frameless wall mirrors (calculate the number of boxes taking into account the wall area, number of mirror tiles in each box, and the dimension of each mirror in the box)
  • Cardboard or Plastic board for your work area
  • Adhesive that is suitable for glass, marble and granite

Following are the steps to create a mirror wall.

Unbox the wall mirror using the box cutter. Next, clean the wall using a cloth and then apply adhesive on the back of the mirror. Lift the wall mirror carefully and rest it on the wall. Apply pressure from both hands for some minutes and then leave it undisturbed for several hours. Similarly, keep on fixing all the wall mirrors till the whole wall is covered.

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