How Do You Decorate Indoor Pots?

The addition of indoor plants is the easiest way to liven your home décor and you can breathe new energy into your space by decorating your interior with a lovely flower pot. Now if you’re wondering how do you decorate indoor pots, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered with our amazing collection of indoor planters and pots! There are plenty of ways you can decorate your plant pots to add a stunning appeal to your houseplant decor. We’ve collated some of the most amazing and easy to craft DIY flower pot ideas that’ll help you jazz up your decor.

indoor plants


Stunning DIY Flower Pot Decor Ideas

Add a whole new look to your interior décor by embellishing your flower pot. This can be done by either painting simple plastic flower pots or covering them with seashells, or you can sprinkle some confetti glitter on a plastic planter for a colorful display. However, if you want to add a rustic touch to your planter pot, wind twine around the entire pot for an easy yet appealing DIY flower pot decor. Another simple yet gorgeous idea is to add decorative gravel, moss rocks and natural stones in your flower pot to impart a chic and modish allure to your houseplant.

Craft Gorgeous Hanging Flower Pots

Effortlessly incorporate blooms and greenery into your interior decor by crafting eye-catching hanging flower pots. Opt for a natural twig bird nest planter or birch wood weave green crown preserved moss planter and fill it with natural preserved moss, natural moss balls with twine and flowers or foliage of your choice. Hang the planters with the help of twine for a dazzling hanging pot decor. Also, you can suspend wood slices by drilling multiple holes and pulling twine through them knotting the ends. Place your small flower pots on the hanging wood slice to add a rustic flair to your space.

Enchanting Miniature Garden Ideas With Glass Terrariums

Creatively design your own miniature garden with soil, moss grass, gravel, decorative rocks and succulent or tropical plants arranged inside glass terrariums or vases. For this purpose, you can use slant cut round glass vase, egg shape glass terrarium or light bulb vase set with gold stand to create a fascinating terrarium decor.

So, these are some of the interesting ideas to decorate your flower pot. Which DIY idea inspired you the most? Do tell us in the comment section below.