How Do You Hang Decorative Mirrors?

Want to enhance the beauty of your space with little effort? Decorative mirrors are one of those decorative elements that give an ultramodern look to your space and serve as works of art. Giving instant sparkle to your room, decorative mirrors create a captivating focal point and make it look stunning, suave, and stylish. Decorative mirrors come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, and can be used in many unique ways. Making a statement with your interior décor accents without going over the top depends a lot on, ‘how do you hang decorative mirrors’. So, here are some ideas about how you can create a classic wall & ceiling décor with modern decorative wall mirrors and achieve a mind blowing ambiance within your house.

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How To Hang?

Hanging unframed decorative mirrors onto any smooth or flat surface is very easy, however, the frame of a mirror is usually where the mounting hardware is installed which makes these frameless wall mirrors a bit challenging to hang. But fret not! with a slightly different technique and a little patience, you won't have a problem hanging one yourself.

Group The Mirrors

In order to add character to a space, try grouping the decorative mirrors on the wall and give equal space between each mirror, in this way you will be able to create an interesting pattern and it will also make your wall & ceiling décor stand out.

Style Of Grouping

Create an interesting charm in your master bedroom by decking out full length closet doors with square-shaped mirrors. If you are hanging these unique decorative mirrors in tall rooms, organize them vertically and for long rooms it’s better if you choose a horizontal arrangement for decorative mirrors. Opt for our square, wavy & oval mirror wall decals that are easier to mount on the wall. Hang a quartet of 16-inch round mirror wall decals in pairs above the fireplace to add sophistication to an antiquated living area. You can also mix and match two or more of these round decorative mirrors in different sizes and arrange them in a playful sequence for a simple yet stunning aesthetic.

With Other Decorative Materials

The style of decorative mirrors you choose for your wall & ceiling décor depends on your aesthetic sense so hang decorative mirrors in a way that it reflects your personality and style. The amazing thing about our cheap decorative mirrors is that these unframed decorative mirrors can radically enhance and give your interior more emphasis, distinctive appeal, and beaming beauty. Unleash your creativity by experimenting with different designs and patterns and make an impressive impression. You can adorn them with jute rope, flowers, decorative stones, seashells, pearls, peel & stick mirror tiles, or even paint them to add a personalized touch.

Where To Hang?

A well-placed decorative mirror gives the illusion of a bigger and much more spacious place while also making the room seem brighter. Hang round decorative mirrors in different areas, for instance, add a welcoming touch to your entryway by hanging decorative mirrors above a console table, and have one final look before leaving from your house. Decorative mirrors for above fireplace should be hung at least 4-5 inches above the top of the mantel and for bathroom sinks choose our frameless decorative mirrors and mount them on the wall. Give an exclusive look to your doors by mounting our unique decorative mirrors in a full-length mirror look, or set decorative mirrors for living room by placing them on the wall opposite the window to enjoy the cozy afternoon light. Hang decorative mirrors to the adjacent window of your bedroom and take advantage of the morning light.


These wall & ceiling décor ideas with decorative mirrors will surely lend a crafty charm to your house walls. We hope that you have got some cool ideas on how to hang decorative mirrors, so before shopping for mirrors, do check our online store as we offer high-quality yet cheap decorative mirrors that are available at unmatched prices to help you decorate your home with ease. It isn’t just smoke and mirrors! Happy Shopping!