How Do You Make A Cheap Vanity Mirror?

If the lighting in your bedroom or bathroom is subpar and you find yourself fixing your makeup outside, using a vanity mirror with lights for your makeup application and other self-care tasks could be the ultimate solution to your problem. But purchasing a vanity mirror can set you back a bit, this is where our guide on how do you make a cheap vanity mirror can come in handy! With a little creativity and effort, you can spruce up an ordinary mirror and turn it into something fun, beautiful, and useful. So, just keep on reading and learn easy tips and tricks to create a beautiful vanity mirror with lights that’ll help you achieve flawless perfection every time!  

vanity mirror

Pick An Appropriate Mirror

First and foremost, it is important to pick a suitable mirror style that’ll work well as the base for your DIY vanity mirror. Consider the space available and the size of your vanity or dresser to make the right choice. We offer a wide range of mirrors in various shapes and sizes that can either be framed or mounted directly on your bedroom or bathroom wall.

Choose Lights For Your Mirror

Vanity mirror lights function as task lighting that helps illuminate your face. Thus, choosing the right color and brightness is crucial to make sure that you look perfect. We suggest you opt for warm white LED lights to light up your makeup vanity mirror. However, if you want to see how your makeup looks in different types of natural lights, you can also choose color changing LED spot lights or use remote controlled LED lights to adjust the brightness according to the daylight.

Consider The Placement Of Lights

Vanity lights should be positioned optimally to ensure that the light diffuses evenly across the entire face. If you want to create a simple vanity mirror that gets the job done, we suggest you install stick-on warm white LED light bulbs all around your mirror to eliminate any shadows that might impede daily self-care tasks. You can also edge your round vanity mirror with LED strip lights or waterproof rope lights for a glowing effect. However, if you fancy a decorative vanity mirror, creatively hang fairy string lights over your mirror to glam things up!

As you can see, creating a DIY vanity mirror with lights is not as tricky as you might think. So, gather all the supplies from ehomemart and make beautiful vanity mirrors for your bathroom and bedroom. Explore our mirror and lighting collection now!