How Do You Make A Homemade Balloon Garland?

When it comes to venue décor, nothing can beat the sight of a pretty balloon decoration as it adds a dose of fun and beauty and brings a celebratory feel into the party space. Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary, school event, wedding reception, birthday party, holiday function, or family get-together; a colorful balloon decoration amps up the WOW factor at any party. Setting up a balloon garland seems like a tricky affair, plenty of balloons tied together neatly on an arch kit seems like a professional work, but wait what if we say it’s not. Balloon garlands can be made easily at home, you simply need few craft supplies and plenty of balloons to bubble up the excitement. We are sharing some easy balloon decoration ideas with you that will guide you about, ‘’how do you make a homemade balloon garland?’’ without breaking the banks. So roll up your sleeves and start decorating like a pro!

balloon decoration

No party is hit without a lively balloon decoration; it not only lightens the mood of your guests but also transforms your space to a festive realm. If you want to create your own diy balloon garland to add personalized touch into your décor then learn how to make balloon decoration by following these simple tips.

Choose Your Frame!

There are many interesting ways to make a balloon garland, but before blowing the balloons and getting all the balloon decoration equipment, first, decide what shape you want to create for your diy balloon garland. There are round, triangle, hexagon, rectangular backdrop stands or over-the-table arch rod stands in our store that will give a robust base to your diy balloon garland and will help you create some magical balloon decoration. So, pick the one that suits your style and set up an enticing balloon garland for your upcoming party.

Get Plenty Of Balloons

For a balloon garland, you need to have plenty of latex balloons in a color that matches your theme. If you don’t have time and energy to blow up the balloons then get the inflator or balloon pump that is easily available in the shops and at a cheap price too. Fill the balloons at different levels so that you have lots of sizes to choose from when you will be making a balloon decoration stand. You can set small balloon garland having a few dozens, or a massive one with hundreds of balloons, no matter what style you choose make sure they are properly blown and tied up.

Add Distinctive Touch in Balloon Garland

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a balloon garland. If you want to impart a distinctive touch to your simple balloon decoration, add balloons with 3D or 4D shapes, or fill clear balloons with our confetti glitters and ooze glitzy glamour in your diy balloon garland. To mark the achieved milestone you can add Mylar Foil letter & number balloons and give your party a captivating balloon garland backdrop.

Balloon Decoration Equipment

The most important part of setting up a diy balloon garland is the choice of the right balloon decoration equipment. There are plenty of things that are required, for instance, you can choose, balloon tape, invisible craft wire, jute strings, or hooks to secure your balloons on the garland. Whether you are creating a balloon decoration stand or fixing the garland on the wall or ceiling, these balloon decoration equipment will make your task of balloon decoration at home a breezy affair.


Create beautiful balloon garlands yourself by using these instructions and enjoy a hassle-free and affordable balloon decoration at home. Hopefully, our balloon decoration ideas were helpful enough to let you create your diy balloon garland. We would love to see how you created your balloon decorations, so don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comment section below!