How Do You Make A Homemade Vanity?

Love to apply luscious makeup with flawless perfection? A vanity mirror with lights is just what you need to make your makeup application routine and daily self-care tasks a cinch. More often than not, a vanity mirror can carry a hefty price tag, but we’re here to tell you that it’s pretty much possible to create beautiful vanity mirrors on your own. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Get creative and put in a little effort to turn an ordinary mirror into something that’ll help make you feel like the diva you are! Read on and take notes on how do you make a homemade vanity mirror to up your makeup game!

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Find A Suitable Mirror

If you are looking for a chic vanity mirror design to blend perfectly with the style of your dresser or vanity, pick a mirror base for your homemade vanity mirror considering the space available. We offer a wide selection of mirrors in various sizes and shapes that can be mounted or framed on the walls.

Brighten Up Your Mirror

When it comes to pampering yourself in front of a mirror, using a vanity mirror with lights helps illuminate your facial features and makes you look perfect every time. However, choosing lights in the right color and brightness is crucial to make an impressive DIY vanity mirror. While the warm white LED lights will impart a warm glow, the color changing LED spot lights and remote controlled LED lights will show you what your makeup looks like in other types of natural lights.

Position The Lights Carefully

Once you’ve got your mirror and lights all sorted, ensure that you install the lights over the mirror in the best way possible to evenly illuminate the entire face. You can easily mount stick on warm white LED light bulbs all around the mirror to produce glare free brightness or use LED strip lights and waterproof rope lights to border a round or square vanity mirror to create a beautiful vignette. However, if you’re looking to glam up your homemade vanity mirror, hanging fancy fairy string lights over your mirror frame will add a gorgeous flair to your vanity.

Creating a DIY vanity mirror with lights is certainly not a tricky task when you know where to start and gather supplies from. Grab everything you need from ehomemart and make your wish to have a dreamy vanity mirror come true. Feel free to explore our mirror and lighting collection now!