How Do You Make A Simple Balloon Arch?

A party with lots of colorful décor items is sure to be a relishing one without any doubt. Especially, with family and loved ones nearby, these colorful décor items are sure to elevate the vibe even more. But if there is one décor item that can captivate guests belonging to all age categories is a balloon. Balloon decoration finds prominence in almost every party or celebration not because it can be easily done but also because it can be executed in many creative ways. The best example would be a balloon arch. But how do you make a simple balloon arch? What other décor items can be included as part of the balloon arch alongside popping balloons? Well, Ehomemart is a good place to browse through to simplify your planning process. Taking a look at the wide range of premium décor items available at cheap prices and “not to be missed” deals will help you come up with more creative ideas to embellish your balloon arch. On that note, let us explore some stunning ideas and throw light on how to make a balloon arch.

balloon arch

Opt For Creative Arches

If you are still wondering about how to make a balloon arch, the first requirement is to have a nice and creative balloon arch kit. Apart from using the conventional heavy duty stand kit to build your balloon arch, using a chic arch such as the rustic square wooden backdrop stand or a shimmering gold triangular metal arch can be a great option as well to create a stunning balloon decoration. Also, executing such creative DIY balloon arch décor ideas will surely impress your guests beyond limits. The beautiful aspect of including balloon decoration or balloon arches as part of your party décor is that they can enhance the ambiance of the party with impeccable elegance. Having said that, the tall gold adjustable over the table arch stand will be a perfect choice if you are curious to know how to make a balloon arch over your birthday cake table or atop the party dessert table. Embellishing such creative balloon arches with charming Mylar and latex balloons will leave all your guests truly impressed.

Involve Other Décor Items To Complement The Balloon Decoration

Well, it is a known fact that there are many artistic balloon decoration ideas to adorn the arch but involving other eye-catching décor items to create the balloon arch can elevate the overall décor ambiance to a whole new level of grandeur. Be it your wedding balloon décor or a chic birthday balloon arch, entwining our faux eucalyptus garland with ivory roses and faux olive branch garland can make your balloon decoration look more enthralling. The wondrous combination of colorful balloons and faux greenery elegantly fixed over a balloon arch kit will exude imperial grandeur leaving your guests mesmerized. If you prefer erecting an opulent balloon arch at the entrance of your home or in the backyard, opt for this naturalistic looking balloon decoration that will make your guests feel truly special right from the moment they step in.

Choose Radiance For Flair And Finesse

If you are thinking about executing your balloon decoration ideas with flawless flair and finesse, then introducing some striking radiance over the balloon arch can be a scintillating idea. Wrapping your DIY balloon arch with our glimmering string LED lights with clear bulbs and battery operated LED fairy lights can make it the cynosure of all eyes at the party. Furthermore, your party balloon decorations can be made to look more astounding with some glittery appeal. Use our art and craft confetti glitters to beautify the balloon arch with pomp and elegance.


Not just for a wedding or a birthday, including a balloon arch for your house party with friends or even for your backyard family dinner party can set up a wondrous vibe that will leave your loved ones truly amazed. Do comment your thoughts and creative ideas about how to make a balloon arch look more charming and elegant.