How Do You Make Easy Birthday Decorations?

The most exciting part of organizing a birthday party is decorating with creative and artistic birthday decorations. Whimsical décor items being part of your fun-filled and happy birthday party just sets up the perfect ambiance for the event. But how do you pull it off efficiently and how do you make easy birthday decorations? Decking up your party venue with fabulous décor accessories can bring life to your event but you have to consider how quickly you can remove them after the party is over. If not, it can really be a serious hassle for you to take care of. In order to find such wondrous décor items that can also help you out with a simple and classy birthday decoration theme, visit Ehomemart. The spectacular range of décor items available here will help you pull off a classy yet simple birthday decoration at home. Let’s now check out some mind blowing tricks and birthday decoration ideas for a lively party.

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Use Simple Yet Chic Riser Stands

Speaking about a birthday party, the cake is sure to catch everyone’s attention. So, elevating your birthday cake decorations with riser stands can be a brilliant idea. Using the nonagon metal arch riser or round metal arch riser as a part of your birthday decoration to display the cake can make your overall décor look elegant and chic. The added benefit of using such riser stands is the fact that you can decorate them with small yet sublime décor items which can truly impress your guests and also be very simple for you to organize. Moreover, using the LED light up Eiffel tower centerpiece as a cake topper can be another trick to impart some alluring grandeur to your birthday cake decorations.

Include Alluring Faux Floral Stems

Birthday party decorations are predominantly about two things— the cake and the cake table décor. Speaking about birthday table decorations, using gorgeous faux floral stems can help you big time in pulling off a simple yet dazzling look. The artificial glittered bay leafs and artificial mini calla lily flower stems can be great options to glam up the birthday cake table. The added benefit of using such faux floral stems is the fact that these can be used easily and efficiently as part of your birthday cake decorations as well. Use tape to stick these faux floral stems onto the riser stand covering it completely to impart a gorgeous floral allure or you can perch them on the birthday cake as toppers to achieve a dramatic appeal.

Create Colorful And Whimsical Filler Décor

It is not necessary to use large and grand décor items in order to make your birthday party decorations look extravagant. Artistic creativity is what is needed to elevate your birthday party décor to the next level. Speaking of which, creatively decorating your cake table with small and simple items such as vase fillers and table runners can enhance your birthday decoration tenfold. Spread a beige accordion crinkle table runner along the edges of your table and either layer a burgundy cheesecloth table runner on top of it or just drape it alongside if you wish to achieve a wavier look. Now, scatter a handful of teardrop diamond rhinestones on the burgundy runner randomly while strewing red acrylic teardrop crystals across the table. The silver twinkling effect of the diamond rhinestones along with the dark themed burgundy runner and red shiny crystals on the table can really be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. The benefit of such DIY birthday decorations is the fact that they are completely influenced by your creativity and you do not have to follow a set pattern.

Impart Radiance And Illumination For An Eye-Catching Effect

Party decoration or a simple birthday decoration at home predominantly includes the cake and table décor but including décor items that emit dazzling radiance and illumination on the walls will definitely exude a mesmerizing demeanor at your party venue. Just hang a rose gold artificial flower fairy light garland along with clear LED string lights across the walls of the party venue and relish the sight of your guests being highly impressed with their charming radiance. Using such battery operated LED lights make it easy for you to enliven a simple birthday decoration.


Birthday balloons and candles are generally the most sought after décor items while throwing a lavish and happy birthday party. But even simple and small décor items can help you flaunt your artistic sense of creativity to make your event a grand affair. Do comment your thoughts about how else will you elevate your birthday party vibe with simplicity and whimsical allure.