How Do You Pipe And Drape A Room?

If you are a party lover at heart or an avid event planner who loves to plan and organize small scale events and are looking for some great ideas to boost your creativity then you are at the right place. Ehomemart, is a place where you will find some amazing event decoration supplies that are not only easy to install but will also give a highly professional look. Well, organizing home based events or holiday parties can be stressful as there are so many things to get under one roof, and to ensure that it turns out to be a big success and goes off without a hitch, one has to think out of the box. The very first thing that your guests will notice at your event is the backdrop, setting up a party backdrop for an indoor event at home can be overwhelming. Heavy duty backdrop stands can be embellished with drapes, blooms, and foliage to imbue character and style to any event backdrop.  But to ensure that all these embellishments stay up there without losing their balance and shape, there are types of pipes and drapes kits available that offer great portability, fast setup and disassembling process and without them no backdrop can be created. If you want to learn about, how do you pipe and drape a room, continue reading, as we are sharing with you some super cool tips on how to use our backdrop stands, panels, and drapes for indoor events at home.


How Much Weight Can Pipe & Drape Hold?

Stunning backdrops can become breathtaking photo backgrounds where your guests can leave forever imprints through photos. To set the perfect photo backdrop you need to give it a good foundation and pipe and drape are those accessories that help hold the curtain panels, heavy drapes, and other embellishments firmly. These backdrop pipes and drapes decorate, hide, and divide a space temporarily for a small scale event. What concerns many is whether the drapery and the embellishments fixed on a backdrop stand can be held by the pipe and drape for long or not? Well, our collection of heavy duty curtain rods are made of aluminum alloy, acrylic, and metal & polyresin material that can hold the weight of up to 15 lbs, the length of these curtain rods are from 42" to 126" and their diameter is 1". You get telescopic rods (3 components of 42" each) with 2 finials, 3 brackets (3" clearance from the wall), 6 screws, 6 anchors, which will allow you to style the drapes the way you want to.

How To Decorate Pipe & Drape?

There are plenty of ways to decorate pipe and drape for a photo booth backdrop. But first, you need to take into account the size and material of the background. If you want to set an extensive backdrop, it is best to use a heavy duty backdrop stand regardless of the material. If you are using fabric backdrops then simply slide the crossbar into it as it comes with a rod pocket. Once you have inserted the pole into the pocket, clamp one end of the backdrop to the backdrop rod, pull the top of the backdrop tightly and clamp to secure the other end of the backdrop. Our canvas backdrops have a complimentary wood mount with three holes drilled into the top wood, which makes them ready to hang using a photo stand. For poly paper and photo backdrops that do not have a wooden mount or pole pocket, cautiously hang and secure them to the crossbar with clamps. Our heavy duty photographic backdrop stands will stylishly deck up your indoor party backdrops, whereas for outdoor backdrops you can add sleek arches to highlight their magnificence. The outclass photo backdrops that we see with an incredible and fitted appearance are only because of backdrop support stand. Using the triple crossbar adjustable backdrop stand kit or the DIY adjustable metal heavy duty backdrop stand can be a very easy and efficient way to install a décor set up for a house party.

What To Decorate Backdrops With?

Decorating pipes and drapes is one of the most interesting parts of setting up backdrop stands for any event. Backdrop curtains are a great way to style any party backdrop, they can be customized according to the theme and color scheme of the event. With wide choices of options and personalized accessories available at our online store, you can make your backdrops exude a sweet personalized feel. We offer a stunning collection of backdrop curtains that are available in a wide range giving you the liberty to easily and elegantly experiment with unique styles, materials, and hues. For example, our chiffon curtain panels, satin ruffle backdrop curtains, & glittering photography backdrops, satin double drape backdrops, velvet backdrops, chiffon/sequin backdrops, & chiffon/satin backdrops are super luxurious and easily get fixed on any standard size curtain rod or backdrop stand.

Pair these fab backdrop curtains with balloons, pennants, fringes, acrylic crystal chains, greenery, flower garlands, lanterns, and other décor pieces for a touch of glam. You can create a fairytale photo backdrop using sheer fabric and sparkling fairy lights and organza curtain backdrops for soft portraits. Create fun and vibrant flower backdrops by opting for our wall florals collection or choose from our magnificent selection of 3D foam and paper flowers. An inexpensive yet stunning backdrop can be created by hanging bright string lights on a portable curtain stand. Create unique backdrop ideas by using home items, for instance, use sticky notes and overlap or arrange them in a checkered pattern on a white backdrop to create one-of-a-kind DIY photographic backdrops.

Pipe and drape can help you stylize your backdrops with sheen and elegance. We hope that this blog post was helpful enough to guide you on, how do you pipe and drape a room? We offer you a variety of curtain panels and adjustable backdrop stands that comes with kit bags and hence are practical and portable to help you create glamorous photo backdrops. So, visit Ehomemart to check out some stunning high quality backdrop stands and make your small scale events a big success.