How Do You Put LED Lights On A Round Mirror?

Vanity mirror with LED lights is becoming a trending decorative accessory at homes, the LED lights not only brighten up your plain mirrors but serve as an eye-catching focal point. Vanity mirrors are available in different shapes; from round and oval to square & rectangle. Do you have a round vanity mirror and want to learn, 'How do you put LED lights on a round mirror?' to make it look unique and stylish? Scroll down as we have rounded up some easy yet stylish ways to put LED lights on a round mirror that will surely uplift the aesthetic beauty of your interiors.

vanity mirrors

Putting LED lights on round vanity mirror is a great experience as it adds a pure pleasurable element into your decor with their whimsical glow. While attaching LED lights on round vanity mirror, opt for battery operated micro lights as they will easily get fixed around the mirror’s round frame. The glistening globe-shaped fairy light bulbs attached on your round vanity mirrors will instantly brighten up your bedroom space and will serve as an alluringly artistic statement piece.

Make the light evenly get distributed by neatly putting LED rope lights all around the vanity mirror and give ideal lighting to the sink area of your bathroom vanity mirror. The flexible tubes of these LED lights will easily bend as per your desired shape and will add a dash of fantasy and magic into your décor.


Give your vanity mirror a new life by styling it with stunning LED lights and add an ethereal touch to your decor. Our collection of eye-catching LED lights will compliment your round vanity mirror for an enchanting vanity space. Do check our online store to pick the size that you are looking for, as our round vanity mirrors comes in 8", 10’’, 12’’, 14’’ & 16 inches to best suit your requirements. Do share with us how you put LED lights on your round mirror and leave a comment in the box below!