How Do You Use Mason Jars In The Bathroom?

Mason jar is a multipurpose vessel that is traditionally used for storage purposes but it can also be used in many stunning DIY craft projects. This jar can be transformed into a flower vase, candle container, terrarium, and organizer to exquisitely enhance your home decor. Also, using these jars as organizers and decorative accents in your bathroom can add a chic and modish allure to the interior. Here are some amazing ideas about how do you use mason jars in the bathroom.


Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Create an alluring soap dispenser for your bathroom using a mason jar. This can be done simply by fixing a soap pump in the mason jar lid. To further enhance its appeal you can decorate it with twine and stick mix foam flower heads for a charismatic appeal. Moreover, you can make an attractive tissue holder with a wide mouth mason jar by setting tissues inside the jar and placing a card stock with a cross cut. Next place the jar lid onto the jar screwing it over the cardstock to create an eye-catching tissue holder.

Mason Jars As Bathroom Organizers        

Elevate your bathroom decor in a chic way by organizing your bathroom essentials in mason jars. Using a jar not only puts everything in order but also adds a decorative touch to the bathroom. Start by painting the mason jars in your favorite color or that goes well with your bathroom interior and wrap twine on top for an eye-catching appeal. Insert your toothbrushes, make-up brushes, cotton swabs, or balls in the jars effortlessly organizing your stuff while imparting an impeccable elegance to bathroom decor. 

Mason Jars For A Gorgeous Bathroom Decor

Jazz up the bathroom interior by repurposing mason jars and creating some charming accent pieces.  Arrange gorgeous roses/peonies/daisies, and hydrangeas foam flowers in a mason jar and make a fabulous candle holder by insetting an LED tea light candle in a jar filled with gravel. Position both of these jars in a gold crystal beaded oval tray and place it in your bathroom adding a chic and modish allure to the decor.


Hopefully, these wonderful jar ideas have inspired you to repurpose your mason jars for organization and decor. Don’t forget to tell us how you are going to utilize mason jars in the bathroom in the comments section below!