How Should You Decorate After Christmas?

Transitioning from Christmas to winter decorations isn’t that tricky if you fill up your space with lovely colors and textures to feel the coziness and warmth of this wonderful season. Don’t just toss away all the Christmas decorations after the celebration and recreate a winter wonderland by infusing a few hints of those cheery décor accents to feel the festive vibes all winter long. Wondering how should you decorate after Christmas will make you dive into a pool of fabulous ideas to create an enticing winter look for that cozy and beautiful feel we all desire! We’ve rounded up some cool winter décor ideas using our favorite winter home décor in a unique way to tantalize your creative instincts.

winter decorations

Winter Greenery Makes A Big Difference!

Now that we are in the middle of a boring cold winter, let’s add a few charming green accents to transform every room from drab to fab. The evergreens imbue freshness into your décor all year long but it really doesn’t matter if you opt for faux greens in place of real ones for chilling winters. Adding artwork or planters to the walls and placing a few faux succulents on the tabletop will make a lot of difference when you’re layering your rooms with white winter décor imparting refreshing vibes all around.

Cozy Up With Faux Furry Accents And Curtains

Winter doesn’t have to be dull and dreary when you’re all prepared for it even after setting aside all the cheerful Christmas decorations. Hold off on packing away your faux fur rugs, blankets, and ostrich feather centerpieces until March so you can cuddle up in the coziness of all the warm, winter stuff. Layer rich textures of your white winter decor with colored accents added here and there to impart a warm, cozy feel to your space.  Drape your windows with our chevron patterned curtains and place some faux sheepskin rugs underfoot to feel a warm connection with the cold weather.

Embrace Natural Birchwood Accents

You can always find something pretty in Birchwood accents and other natural accents to perfectly fit them into most décor themes. With a plethora of rustic accents available at Ehomemart, you can always give your interiors a graceful makeover to instill serenity in your home. Give some much-needed attention to details while placing these accents for a mesmerizing winter wonderland look while uplifting the cheerful vibes to a whole new level. Bringing in as many rustic accents as you can will add an idyllic flair to your winter decorations with all their warmth and earthy elegance. Our natural wooden candle holders and rustic wood candle lantern will make an elegant pair with mercury glass primrose candle holders for the winter mantel décor or tabletops adding a dose of glimmering radiance to bring focus to an attention-grabbing part of your home.

Add Twinkling Lights And Lamps To Lighten Up Your Mood

Save those twinkling Christmas decorations to cast a magical spell all around your home for the entire winter season. You can easily incorporate our icicle fairy string lights wherever you want to create a soft ambiance. Have your coffee table, console table, windows, or even the mantel shelf draped with strands of twinkling lights to create a romantic, ethereal atmosphere. You may also add our pretty wall art decals to freshen up any dull and drab corners of your home with an illusion of lamps and potted plants placed on shelves. This lovely makeover will surely impress everyone with its eye-catching appeal while it will be convenient for you to peel and remove the stickers later on.


Winters have a charm no one really denies! All you need is a tranquil environment adorned with mesmerizing winter decorations to cozy up and feel the magic in the air. While you must have more ideas brewing by now, we’ll love to get some inspiration from your valuable feedback in the comments section below!