Is Velvet Good For Curtains?

With wintertime saying goodbye, you would definitely want to give your interiors a refreshing makeover before stepping into the new season but this time instead of adding a fresh coat of paint on your walls or installing new furniture, go the relatively easy and hassle-free way by treating your windows with some distinctive and trendy curtains. If you’ve been recently scrolling through the internet, it’s hard to keep your eyes away from the new curtain trend. Yes, we’re talking about velvet curtains which are everywhere. The subtle sheen and super-soft texture of these window curtains make them perfect for glamorous and luxurious spaces. They not only serve as a sleek piece of art but also perfectly do the job of blocking every kind of outdoor lighting and noise. Before buying some velvet drapes for your windows, you must be thinking is velvet good for curtains? Keep all your worries aside and just keep scrolling through this extremely fruitful and informative velvet curtain guide which will not only answer all the questions popping in your mind but will also help you discover a wide range of stylish velvet curtains that will instantly transform your windows from drab to fab.


Are Velvet Curtains In Style 2022?

If you have been keeping up with the interior decorating trends of 2022, you might be aware that this year is all about bold and stylish choices and when talking about dressing up your space with all that is regal and plush, you can never go wrong with velvet drapes and curtains. When it comes to curtain fabric, velvet reigns supreme in 2022 as it not only has the power to give a facelift to every room but also creates an aura of coziness and comfort which makes you instantly fall in love with these window treatments. Like many others, if you are also planning to move towards a more luxe and sumptuous home décor, our velvet curtains will work best for you as they will modishly conceal and screen your windows. Moreover, the best part about these heavy and thick velvet curtains is that they are not only perfect for blocking out all the unwanted summer sunlight but also impeccably do the job of insulating your homes and keeping them warm during the chilly winter months. When shopping for velvet curtains on our online store, make sure to check out our wide range of curtain rods and tie-backs which will add to the extravagance and luxury of your home decor. Thanks to this new velvet curtain trend, now you can add a final flourish to your windows with a contemporary twist.

Are Velvet Curtains Hard To Keep Clean?

While buying velvet curtains, you must be worried that this heavy fabric will give you a tough time when it comes to cleaning and washing them but trust us, there’s no need to worry as our premium quality velvet drapes are highly easy to clean and maintain. Yes, usual velvet curtains indeed require extra special care due to their thickness and multiple layers of fabric, but with our velvet blackout curtain panels, this cleaning process becomes much easier and stress-free. All you need to do is steam clean or vacuum your curtains for a seamless, neat, and tidy finish. Also, you can easily brush off minor stains using a brush or wet cloth, without even taking your curtains down.

Are Velvet Curtains Expensive?

When it comes to window treatments it’s all about texture, design, easy maintenance, and color palette, and velvet is a one of a kind fabric that surprisingly ticks all the boxes but while talking about velvet curtains, how can we even miss the fact that these drapes are exceptionally inexpensive as well. Yes, you read it right, the plus point about keeping up with the velvet curtain trend is that these drapes are highly affordable and go a long way. Furthermore, our optimal quality velvet curtains are always blackout lined which means that you can not only save the interlining cost but you can also have that ultimate relaxing and cozy feel you’ve been wanting for a long time.


We’re sure that by now all your velvet curtain-related questions are answered and you completely agree with the fact that dressing up your windows with velvet curtains not only makes everything appear richer and deeper but also frames a striking outdoor vista. Our curtains are the perfect functional and stylish addition to your space and can blend in with any décor theme and style. So without wasting any more time, go get your curtains and drapes from our online store. Also, make sure to share your shopping experience and favorite picks with us in the comments section below.