Should Vanity Lights Hang Over Mirrors?

Whether it’s about a flawless makeup application or deciding to wear an outstanding outfit, getting primped early morning has always been a difficult task for all of us. Make your morning makeover an easy job by using a vanity mirror with sufficient lighting. A brand new vanity mirror with lights can surely go a long way towards uplifting your space with light and life.  The importance of choosing statement pieces to accent your space and installing lights with correct placement and spacing cannot be denied. While incorporating a vanity with mirror and lights, you must be thinking “Should vanity lights hang over mirrors?” Browse through superb suggestions and tips mentioned below to create a successful makeup vanity mirror with lights.

vanity mirror

Choose the right light!

Make a stunning style solution by attaching luminaries to your vanity set with mirrors and prep yourself to perfection by checking every minute detail of your face with the right amount of lighting. Brighten up your round vanity mirrors with glistening globe-shaped fairy light bulbs for an alluringly artistic statement piece. Another option is to create an eye-catching focal point by surrounding your small-sized bedroom vanity mirror with long-lasting LED lights. Whatever size and style you’ve selected, make sure your lights compliment your vanity mirror for an enchanting vanity space.

Light above the mirror!

Once you have chosen a light that perfectly illumes your vanity desk mirror, consider the right place for installing your luminaries. For mounting lights above your vanity table with mirror the standard height for the lights is generally 70-80” above the ground. This will help you eliminate any shadows which will result into a flawless makeup application. This placement idea is more favorable for round shaped mirrors and LED lights as this pair also works as a delicate decorative accessory.

Light beside the mirror!

Uplift the beauty aesthetic of your rectangular wall mirrors by putting up lights on each side. The primary place to hang your wall sconces is on both sides of your vanity mirror, approximately 35-40” apart while almost 64” above from the floor. A pro-tip is to hang one sconce in the middle of two mirrors, which evenly distributes the light, providing ideal lighting for the sink area of your bathroom vanity mirror as well.


Make a splash of dazzle and design by choosing the right luminaries for your vanity mirrors and incorporating them the right way. Don’t forget to share your vanity mirror placement inspirations in the comments section below.