What Are Different Types Of Paneling?

For those who want to give a trendy look to their dull and drab walls, wall paneling is that perfect covering option that will create an ornate background. Wall paneling not just highlights the aesthetics of your interior, but it adds heights to the wall and hides blemishes to make it look better. Wall paneling sheets are available in different materials and sizes, if you want to learn a little more about, what are different types of paneling that could give your walls a stylish look, read along as we have listed some interesting wall paneling ideas for you.

wall paneling

Peel & Stick Wall Paneling!

Impart a truly magnificent allure to your home space by stylishly sprucing up your living room walls, bedroom walls, kitchen walls, TV background, feature walls, and ceiling with our easy-to-peel and stick white foam wall panels. Featuring 3D textured designs like diamond, French country style & waves, these white wall paneling can be installed indoor, outdoor, ceiling, or any other surface. You can even use them in the drawing-room, bedroom, kids’ room, lobby, office, photo-shoot backdrop, meeting rooms, offices, banquet halls, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, night clubs, and more!

With our modern wall paneling, like peel and stick backsplash mirror, marble glass, rhinestone, mosaic, foam brick stickers you can give an attractive alternative to your kitchen walls, bathroom walls, accent walls, feature walls, or hallway.

Foliage & Floral Wall Paneling!

Freshen up your empty wall space with our decorative interior wall paneling collection, featuring lush green foliage and luscious floral arrangements. Available in a wide range of colors, designs, styles, and floral and foliage types, these 3D wall panels are portable, easy to assemble, and can be adjusted as per your needs. Our portable grass wall panels are the best solution for events and businesses that are required to follow social distancing practices. Made with anti-fading and UV-protected materials, these nature-inspired wall paneling will add a riveting visual kick to your outdoor walls without losing their vibrance and charm.


Versatile and multipurpose, our wall paneling collection will transform your drab walls and backdrops into spectacular sights. Visit our online store and choose the one that matches your style!