What Are LED Accent Lights?

If you want to add pizzazz into your home or surrounding landscape, accent lighting is the perfect lighting solution that can be used to highlight those specific spots and transform them into stunning focal points. Led accent lights are an ideal solution to spruce up your interior design safely and effortlessly, as they give off very little UV rays and heat. If you want to create a point of interest in your indoor or outdoor home space with LED accent lights but know a little about, ‘What are LED accent lights?’ read along and grasp some cool accent lighting decor ideas that we have rounded up just for you.

accent lights

Bedroom Accent Lights!

Give your bedroom walls a soft, dispersed illumination by creating wall accent lighting.  Simply install clear LED strip accent lighting fixtures on the wall for natural recessed lighting or add on the base of the bed for creating a comforting night light.

Accent Lighting For Living Room!

Provide additional lighting to your living room ceiling by installing color changing led strip lights and let these ceiling accent lighting enhance its architectural design. For a vast wall decorated with large portraits or wall-mounted accents, opt for LED backdrop up lights. You can also mount wall washer lights close enough to the wall so that those seated nearby do not get direct light spot.

For Shelves & Display Cases!

Enhance the look of an artwork or a collection of books and other collectibles by using flexible led strip lights. Highlight your paintings, houseplants, staircase, sculptures, furnishings, wall art, and other prized possessions with color-changing LED accent lighting.

For Parties!

Illuminate the patio wall space or backdrop for a dramatic ambiance with our UV LED wall washer light. Create glamorous stage effects with the dazzling strobe flash accent lighting and use bright white LED spotlights to give surreal stroboscopic effects. Put these LED accent lights anywhere and don’t worry about sudden power outages too because our accent lighting collection is here to stay!


eHomemart offers wonderful LED lighting solutions to help you emanate an enticing shine into your interior design. Explore our stunning collection of accent lighting and opt for ones that fit the bill perfectly!