What Are The 7 Days of Valentine’s Week?

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for couples to express their love for one another. Valentine's Day decorations fill homes and businesses each year -- it's a time for celebrating love. The modern Valentine's Day celebration includes seven days of special events, from Rose day to Valentine's Day itself. Each day has its own unique meaning and activities that help foster love between romantic partners, friends, and families. Valentine's week ends as it began: with deepening understanding of one another through days full of activities centered around love. Many follow this up with Chocolate day or Propose day to express feelings in even more tangible ways. Here’s a guide on how to celebrate each day of the week and make it extra special for your partner.

The 7 Days of Valentine’s Wee

Spread the love this Valentine's Day season by adorning your home with stunning decorations! Give your partner special moments each day of the week and express how precious they are to you through creative ideas like heart-shaped lights, rose petal trails, or hanging garlands. Let’s explore day-to-day decorations to make for Valentine’s week.

February 7th:  Rose Day

Valentine's Day decorations set the scene for Rose day, the first day of Valentine's week. People decorate their homes with Valentine-themed items and exchange roses - a classic symbol of love and appreciation - to kick-start the holiday. Whether you give bright red roses to your significant other or opt for pink roses for your best friend, a beautiful bouquet is a wonderful way to express your feelings. Roses are one of Valentine’s week’s main attractions, making it all the more special for couples everywhere.

February 8th:  Propose Day

On Propose Day, Valentine's Day decorations can often be seen in homes and restaurants alike, as couples are eager to take their relationship to the next level. This is a special day for those who are ready to express their love to their significant other, when couples may come up with creative ways of asking for their partner's hand in marriage. On this special occasion, many couples give each other cards and gifts that signify that they're ready for a commitment. Propose day has become an important part of Valentine's Day celebrations for partners everywhere.

February 9th:  Chocolate Day

Valentine's Day is typically celebrated with decorations, presents, and special meals. Women especially enjoy Valentine's Day as a chance to show love to their partner. Chocolate Day is an extra special Valentine's occasion when couples can spoil each other with indulgent sweet treats. Not only does this allow partners to express their appreciation of each other through shared desserts, but it gives them the opportunity to further embellish Valentine's Day decorations with tasteful chocolate accents. It is a fun and romantic gesture that allows couples to make Valentine's Day even more unique and memorable.

February 10th:  Teddy Day

Teddy Day is an important Valentine's Day tradition, celebrated by couples who exchange teddy bears with one another as a symbol of their love and affection. Many people decorate their homes with teddy bears and other Valentine's Day decorations to commemorate this special event. Giving a teddy bear shows the person receiving it that you deeply care about them and appreciate them, making it the perfect way to express your feelings for Valentine's Day.

February 11th:  Promise Day

On Promise Day, couples exchange vows and make promises to one another that regardless of what life throws their way, they will always stay together and be there for each other. For many couples, it is a day to remember how far they have come together and to show commitment to each other. It is a reminder of why they chose one another in the first place and a promise of loyalty no matter the circumstance. Thus, Promise Day is an important day in Valentine's celebrations as it highlights the true purpose of Valentine's: agreeing to love and be there for someone for all time.

February 12th:  Hug Day

Valentine's Day decorations are abundant this time of year, but Hug Day provides a unique opportunity to express affection that can go beyond those items. It is the perfect day to share physical intimacy with your significant other and show them the strength of your bond through warm, comforting hugs. The best part about Hug Day is that couples can celebrate it in whatever manner feels meaningful and appropriate for them, from something as simple as an intimate embrace to a long, lingering hug shared between two people who are deeply in love. Perhaps that's why Hug Day is one of Valentine's most beloved traditions!

February 13th:  Kiss Day

Valentine's Day is a time of year when couples make a point of expressing their love to one another, and Kiss Day is the perfect opportunity to make that special connection. For those in relationships, Valentine's Day decorations like rose petals and photo clip string lights on the bed can help set the romantic mood for the day. Kissing is an intimate way to show your partner how deeply you care about them, even without words – many agree it's what Valentine's week celebrations are truly about. Whether you're rekindling old feelings or igniting new ones, these Valentine's kisses are sure to be filled with love and passion!

With Valentine's Week coming up soon, why not use this opportunity to show your partner even more love than usual? From exchanging roses and teddy bears on Rose and Teddy Days respectively, making promises on Promise Day, sharing hugs on Hug Day, and finally capping off the week with lots of kisses on Kiss Day - there's no shortage of ways for couples to express their feelings during this special week dedicated solely to love! So go ahead and start planning out the perfect way for you two to celebrate Valentine's Week together! Enjoy!