What Can You Do With Jars Without Lids?

A jar is a versatile vessel that is commonly available in every household as there are a number of items like jam, olives, and coffee that come in glass jars. After using their contents, it’s very easy to repurpose them and craft amazing things from glass jars with lids but what if you’ve lost your jar lids? Don’t worry; you can still utilize them as there is no limit to the creative ideas that you can recreate using a simple jar. Wondering how? We’ve listed some wonderful ideas below to help you learn more about what can you do with jars without lids!


Decorative Jars For Home And Garden

Jars are used in many DIY craft projects to create spectacular decorations for home, party, and gifting purposes. Make chic vases to arrange your pretty florals by painting glass mason jars or wrapping jute twine and ribbons around them for stunning centerpieces. However, for romantic candlelight dinner table decorations, you can inset tea light candles or mini rose flower floating candles inside the jars to create a heartwarming ambiance.

Organizing Things With Jars

One of the most interesting ways to repurpose a wide mouth mason jars is to use them for organizing different things. They will give a neat and tidy look to the space and add an attractive appeal as well. Keep your work desk clean by arranging your stationery supplies in glass jars decorated with glitter or lace ribbons. You can also store cotton swabs, cotton balls, and facial wipes in frosted jars to impart an exquisite charm to your bathroom decor. Hosting a BBQ garden party? Organize your cutlery & paper napkins in jars without lids and place them inside a smoked brown wood box for fabulous a party table setting.


Food In A Jar

Bring a stylish twist to your food presentation by using different styles of jars to either serve your beverages, salads, and desserts or store jams & pickles. Glam up your drink station by serving your cocktail drinks or milk shakes in classy mason jars and top them with umbrella parasols adding a stylish flair to your display. You can also present your scrumptious desserts in glass jars for effortless individual servings. Moreover, use small jars to gift homemade pickles and jams to your loved ones. Cover them with checkered fabric jar lids and tie jute twine around the necks to secure the fabric. You can also stick chalkboard labels for a gorgeous appeal.


Breathe new life into your jars without lids with these ingenious ideas and do tell us how you are going to repurpose them in the comments section below!